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The Hallow Scythe is one of the three Mythical Swords, added in Update 16.

Hallow Scythe has a very very low click cooldown, as well as a drop chance of approximately 10%. Despite its Mythical Status, it's a decent sword that has decent combo potential and damage.

Has markings on its blade similar to the Dark Blade.


The Hallow Scythe can be obtained by defeating, the level 2100, Raid Boss, Soul Reaper.

The boss can be summoned by using a Hallows Essence, on a blue fire shrine, near the graveyard.


Move Description Mas Requirement GIF
Death Cyclone The user initiates a stance before releasing an orange-black tornado with a decent hitbox and can destroy trees. This move causes knockback to entities hit by the tornado. This move deals multiple times of damage in one (Great for using up a lot of target's Observation Haki) 150 Hallow Scythe Z.gif
Soul Execution The user dashes forward, grabbing the nearest enemy, before ending the move with a strike, dealing knockback. This move is not limited to single targets. The move is also similar to Superhuman's Z because it has the same hitbox (not confirmed), making a short time of flying that is controllable. This move gives more damage when the enemy is low in health. (Specifically x1.4 damage for X skill.)
350 Hallow Scythe X.gif


  • Insanely rapid m1's (Left click) attacks.
  • Low cool down.
  • Very little casting time. (No startup.)
  • Good for running away from bounty hunters, since you can just knock them away.
  • Good for PvP as if it can do high damage combos
  • X move can be used as a good mobility
  • If the Death cyclone is already far away, the area it has traveled is still the hit box, making targets hit get stunned and dragged away without Observation Haki enabled.


  • Hard to grind due to Z move, [ Death Cyclone ], since it has high knock back. (If you're a Buddha, you can shoot the tornado down and spam left clicks)
  • X move, [ Soul Execution ], is hard to land.
  • High mastery requirement.
  • Hard to obtain, due to the drop chances being 1% - 5% and Hallows Essence is considered a legendary item from random surprises.


  • The less health player's enemy has, the more damage player do with this weapon (similar to Human V3, activation skill).
  • This is the first sword to have unique mechanic, the second being Buddy Sword.
  • This sword has similar aesthetics and moves as its King Legacy counterpart, the Acroscythe. This is because the King Legacy owner and Blox fruits owner are friends.
  • This is the only scythe in the game.
  • This is the third "sword" with a Mythical tier, first being Dark Blade and second being True Triple Katana.
  • The engravings on the blade of the scythe are Dovahzul, the language dragons speak in Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and they translate to hestagazendah


Dark C + Acidum Rifle Z + Z Hallow Scythe + Z Dragon Talon + Dark X (Do this step fast or the enemy will go far away) + X Hallow Scythe + Soru + Dragon Talon C.

Hallow Scythe X + Hallow Scythe Z + Electric Claw X + Flash Step (Soru) + Electric Claw Z + Electric Claw C.

Kabucha X + Hallow Scythe Z + Electric Claw X + Electric Claw C.

Unawk Ice V + Hallow Scythe Z+ Electric Claw X + Electric Claw C + Hallow Scythe X

Dark x/c/ice v + Hallow Z + Electric Claw x c + Hallow X(up)

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