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Greybeard is a level 750 Raid Boss who uses the unawakened version of the Quake fruit. Greybeard spawns every 6 hours (4 hours if 1 player doesn't leave within 4 hours) at the island Marine Fortress, in the First Sea. When he spawns the following message will be displayed:

"Loud tremors are being heard across the seas..."


You will have 15 minutes to defeat him and upon defeat, players who did at least 10% damage to him are rewarded with 3 levels regardless of their level (unless they are max level). Similar to Darkbeard. You can also get Bisento V2 upon defeating Greybeard. This a very complicated boss, It's suggested fighting him with 2 people from Second Sea, or 1 player from Third Sea.


Attack Number Attack Description Damage Tips on avoidance
1 Quake Punch Punches with low range and medium damage Around 700 Dash/Soru backward. Need to be VERY FAST
2 Quake Wave Launch a huge quake ball with medium-long range. Around 600 Dash/Soru. This is easy to dash out.
3 Quake Erupt Smashes the ground with 2 Quake sphere doing great damage in an area. 650-750 Dash/Soru.
4 Wind Breaker Fires two slashes of air that can permeate through walls dealing high damage with medium range 400-700 Use Observation
5 Dual Tsunami The strongest Quake move that summons a tall tsunami dealing high damage, but can be easily dodged 1000-1300 Spam Skyjump or fly upwards if you can or Soru out of the AoE (not recommended)


  • You can upgrade Bisento V1 to Bisento V2, by defeating Greybeard. Bisento is not required to be equipped, you only have to have purchased it. If you deal enough damage and defeat Greybeard, the following message will show: "Something weird has happened to your <Bisento>..." hinting that it has been upgraded similar to Saber V2.
  • Greybeard does wear a coat, despite this Greybeard does not drop the coat. To obtain the coat, defeat the Vice Admiral also found in the Marine Fortress.
  • Despite its power, the Tsunami move is only rarely used. 2-3 Tsunami moves per spawn.
  • Mastery is not given on Greybeard.


  • You should use fruits that have stun and high damage like Venom, Rumble or String
  • Keep distance from him because he does very high damage if you're close to him.
  • If he uses a move far away from you that looks like Quake Z, jump up onto one of the houses or trees because that means he is using Dual Tsunami and you need to go up very high to avoid it.
  • Keep dodging after 5-7 seconds because that's when he uses a move
  • Greybeard is easily solo-able with Human: Buddha.
  • It is possible to solo Greybeard, but you'd likely have to be level 1000+.