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The Gravity Cane is a Rare sword that can be obtained by defeating the Fajita Boss. It has a 10% chance of dropping, as long as you have done at least 10% damage to Fajita. The drop chance is doubled with the 2x drops gamepass.

This Sword is not recommended for sword mains because it is essentially a smaller-scaled version of the Gravity fruit. However, it's somewhat decent for farming because of the big AoE hitbox.

However, it's not as good PvP-wise due to the moves being easy to dodge and mostly ground based. This Sword is barely used, because other Swords have either lower mastery level or better damage and skills.

This sword's moves, unlike other Swords, is based on the Gravity fruit. The Z move is just a worse version of the fruit itself, and the X move is just a smaller version of the Gravity V move. It's much better to just get the Gravity fruit itself because the Gravity fruit has much better versions of the moves in this sword.

Overall, while this sword does decent damage, it's still not recommended to use. If you're a sword main, it's recommended to should use Saber V2 and wait to get better Swords.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Gravity Push The user creates a column of gravity facing upwards from the ground, dealing good damage to opponents inside or near the attack. Holding Z will not prolong the attack. 125
X key perfection 3.png
Meteor Barrage The user makes a barrage of scattering meteors, similar to the V skill of Gravity, albeit a lot smaller. If all meteors hit it deals a good amount of damage. The first meteor hit deals the most damage. The rest deals approximately 1/10 damage of the first meteor hit. 250

Here's is a showcase of it:


  • Good Damage.
  • Decent Knockback.
  • Not really hard to obtain unless you're unlucky.
  • Low mastery requirements.
  • The X move can deals huge damage


  • Small Hitbox.
  • X move is hard to land due to that the meteors are small.
  • Very ground based.
  • Below-average in grinding because of the small hitbox and high knockback.
  • Chop


  • This sword's model is resemble to shikomizue, A japanese blade with a purpose of self-defense.

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