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The Gravity-Gravity Blox Fruit is a Paramecia (natural)-type Blox Fruit. It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,500,000, or Robux.png2,300, from the Blox Fruit Dealer. Its Japanese (Anime/Manga) name is the Zushi Zushi no Mi. This fruit has a 1,7% chance to be in each stock, and a 1,59% chance to spawn in-game every hour.

This fruit is one of the 13 fruits that have a glow effect in its physical form (others being Love, Barrier, Quake, Buddha, Phoenix, Rumble, Paw, Shadow, Control, Venom, Soul and Dragon).

It is used by one of the three admirals, Fujitora (Purple Tiger), one of the three Marine Admirals in the Anime and Manga,he is also alternately known as Issho.

Here is a video showcasing Gravity:

NOTE: Fajita, a boss, uses this fruit. He only uses the moves "Gravity Push" and "Meteors Rain". However, even with just two moves of Gravity, he is still difficult to defeat, due to his high amount of health, damage, and knockback from his skills. A easy way to defeat him is to stay in the air to attack, however, you can still get hit by his Gravity Push.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Gravity Push The player creates a strong gravitational force in front of them that launches enemies backwards and displaces the ground in front of them. Note that if you aim slightly downward on the ground then it will trip the player being pushed and therefore pushing them a huge distance farther.
X key perfect.png
Gravity Obeisance
The player creates a growing crater beneath him/her and makes gravity push down on enemies trapped inside dealing constant damage. The duration of the attack will increase if you hold [X] while the animation is playing. The cooldown is longer depending on how long you hold [X]
C key perfect.png
Meteor Pitch
The player shoots a purple beam upwards, calling down a meteor at the location of the player's cursor.
V key perfect.png
Meteors Rain
The player shoots a purple beam upwards, and calls down a meteor storm at the player's location.
F key.png
Boulder Flight

Gravity Flight

The player summons a rideable boulder that lets you fly in your desired direction. This move requires the user to be on the ground. If you tap it really fast, it will send you high to the air (still working), allowing you to dodge attacks.
  • Gravity Push: B
  • Gravity Obeisance: B+
  • Meteor Pitch: A+
  • Meteors Rain: S


  • High damage output
  • Boulder Flight has a small trick where tapping it can launch you in the air (it will work as long as you tap it very fast)
  • Gravity Obeisance has huge stun and huge range, making it great for farming / Raids.
  • Gravity Push has a large radius, and can be used as a reversal tool.
  • Meteor Rain is easy to hit when pvping in a small area.
  • Meteor Rain does massive damage on the first hit, and little damage on the next hits. This ensures that Meteor Rain will do high damage despite not hitting many meteors.
  • Gravity's Z, X, C, and V moves all break Ken Haki.
  • All moves has huge hitbox, especially the V move.


  • Meteor Rain and Meteor Pitch can’t hit enemies or anything under a roof, like Ice Castle or Smoke Admiral Spawn (Maybe even Cursed Ship). This is a similarity shared by Rumble too.
  • Really bad in air (Sky) combat.
  • Cannot catch up with fast fruits/Swords users. (for example: Light, Door, ...)
  • It's usually hard to grind with because of its knockback and the fact it is not a Logia fruit.
  • Gravity has very slow casting skills, making it sort of easy for your opponent to dodge your attacks, try to predict where they are going instead, to increase your chances of hitting them (similar to Rumble).
  • Gravity Obeisance vertical reach, start-up time, and horizontal growth are very bad.
  • Gravity Obeisance's hitstun is very low, making it easy for the enemy to just Soru away after you finish holding it.
  • Boulder Flight can only be used while standing on an object, and is quite slow.
  • Some moves are ridiculously predictable, and punishable (with the exception of Gravity Push and Meteors Rain).
  • Water, as Meteor Pitch and Meteors Rain only work on ground.
  • Bad for starters, as it's attacks need high mastery.
  • When Meteors Rain is used in the air, the meteors will spread out, making them harder to hit an opponent.


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