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The Graveyard, a gloomy island in the Second Sea, is home to a range of NPCs both friend and foe.

-The Slayer skin of the Dark Blade can be obtained here.

-Beside the Graveyard lies the Cursed Ship, a location that does not allow you to enter unless you are level 1000 or above.

-The passive NPCs here include the Crew Captain who increases the amount of slots in your crew for 2000 fragments each slot and rip_indra.

-Wenlocktoad’s grave can be found here.

-fudd10's grave can also be found here.

The Graveyard also contains a spawn point for the Legendary Sword Dealer (He spawns Some where on the tall rock/on the middle graveyard) as well as two potential spawn points for the Blue Flower (see Flowers Location).

rip_indra is based on the co-owner of Blox Fruits.

The Death King, which was added in Update 16, then removed in Update 17, used to be found here.


The theme of the Graveyard is Deep Mist, which was composed by Roblox.

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