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The Gravestone.

The Gravestone is an NPC at the Haunted Castle, located near the Death King. Talking to it will give the player the following two dialogue options;

  • Try your luck
  • Pray

The Gravestone can only be used at night time, and it has a chance of giving the player certain rewards, and a certain dialogue pops up with every reward. There is also a 20 minute cooldown, and praying/trying your luck before the cooldown is over will give the player a "Nothing happened, maybe you should come back later?" dialogue.


  • Trying your luck
    • Bones
      • "You find some bones."
    • 1-5 ghost enemies
      • "Uh-oh!"
      • The Ghost enemies are level 1500, and will try to attack the player. The players cannot see the ghosts with Observation
  • Praying
    • Some EXP
      • "You have been blessed with free experience. Lucky!"
    • God's Chalice, Hallow Essence, RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 100,000, Fragments.png 1,000, "The Devil's Luck" title
      • Getting these rewards for the first time will give the player a "What just happened?" dialogue.
    • Nothing
      • "You finished praying."