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The Gorilla King is one of Blox Fruits' two weakest bosses.Bobby is the weakest link. Gorilla King is the only Boss on Jungle Island. When a Gorilla King is defeated, it takes 4 minutes for him to respawn.


The Gorilla King is a level 25 Bosses who may be located near the mini-isle that connects to the main Jungle Island. It resembles a big gorilla, although there are certain distinguishing features, such as the crown on its head and the Enhancement that covers its hands.


With 950HP and 27.7 dmg per hit, the Gorilla King is difficult for newer players to fight the boss without a Blox Fruits. One method for defeating the Gorilla King is to trap him on the grass-wedge to the right of where he spawns. Then simply assault him till he dies, but otherwise avoid his strikes because they can deliver "'27.7 Damage"' with a single punch.

Players with low health points should be extremely wary of the AOE ground smash strike, which may kill them in a second. His ground smash stuns and does 12.3 damage every hit, for a total of 73.8 damage, which is about 3/4 of a beginner player's HP.


Their quest provides 7,000 EXP and B$ 2,000 upon completion.