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God's Chalice is an item that can be obtained by killing the Elite Pirates (Elite Pirates are Elite Hunter's quests), praying at the Gravestone at Haunted Castle, and spawn in chests every 4 hours like the Fist of Darkness. It can be used to summon rip_indra by activating the 3 legendary haki buttons on the Castle on the Sea, after that place the chalice onto the red table inside the room.

The button to summon rip_indra

You need the 3 Legendary enhancement colors: Winter Sky, Pure Red, Snow White to activate the boss (You can also ask others if you don't have a color, it still works). After these are put in you can go summon rip_indra by using the pedestal.

Upon defeating rip_indra, you will get 125k bounty or honor. (If you are below 2.5M)

The God's Chalice spawns in chests every 4 hours, you can also get it from Elite Bosses (note: You do not need to have the quest from Elite Hunter for it to drop. Drop chances for the boss to drop the chalice is 2.5%. Like rip_indra is very hard to solo. (You will also get the title "The Chosen One" if it is the player's first-time receiving the item from a chest).

After you summon the boss a white fog will cover the entire map and the text "A barrier has been broken." will show. This fog makes it very hard to navigate so it is recommended you make sure everyone that wants to join the raid is at the castle before the raid begins. Also, all buttons will turn grey again, meaning if you get another chalice you need to press all the buttons again to summon the boss. The easiest way to defeat rip_indra is to use Awakened Buddha's Z move (Shift) it will make you big and easier for rip_indra to hit you, when in Buddha form you can also hit enemies further away than before making it even easier to hit you, Buddha also gives you a big defense buff (50%).

Note: If you join a server with the rip_indra boss ragdolled with 0 hp this means an exploiter used a cheat during the battle called "kill aura" which kills everything and gives no reward, using it on rip_indra doesn't seem to work and makes it so you can't summon the boss in the server again since the boss is still detected to be "alive". If this happens, rejoin another server. Once a server is empty of players it will refresh and the glitch will be fixed.

Note: The Castle on the Sea name will be changed to Battle of the Gods when Rip indra (Raid Boss) is summoned.


Strategy to get God's Chalice: I would recommend for you to camp Elite Hunter ( You don't need the quest to get the God's Chalice ) and complete the quest every 10 minutes. Set a timer to 4 hours ( for you to get the God's Chalice from the chest ) and then grind Elite Pirates.