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The Galley Captains are a level 650 NPC. They can use enhancement, allowing them to inflict damage on elemental players.


Galley Captains can be found at Water 7 (Fountain City, first Sea).


  • 10,000 (10k) Beli
  • 8.5M (8,500,000) Exp

Chop Immunity:

Chop fruit Immunity begins at 664.


  • It is best to use Chop or Buddha against the Galley Captains.
  • It is not recommended to farm these, as they have Enhancement and can hit Elemental users. Also they are too far from the quest giver. Farming Galley Pirate is faster and better.
  • It is much better to just farm Galley Pirates or to server hop Cyborg. If you feel like you are good at combat, and are not reliant on Elemental then you could farm these.