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The Frozen Village is an island south of Jungle Island. It is located in the Old World (on the map), which is for players between Level 90 to 120. There are multiple NPCs here, such as the Snow Bandits around the island, Snowmen, and the powerful Yeti, who uses the same moves as the Gorilla King from the Jungle island. The Sword Dealer of the East resides here, selling the Triple Katana and the Pipe. The Villager is the quest NPC, and he gives the quest for the Snow Bandits, Snowmen, and the boss Yeti.

The main attraction of this island is the secret cave, where the Ability Teacher, who teaches Flash step, Enhancement and Skyjump resides, which also contains the quest from the military detective to kill Ice Admiral, which is part of the quest to get to the New World/Second Sea.

Note: If you want to kill the Yeti easily get a flying fruit with decent range then attack the Yeti and then fly somewhere on the platform where it can’t hit you while you recharge your attacks. Repeat until it’s dead.


  • Inside the wooden wall lives the Ice Admiral who is part of the quest in getting into the Second Sea.
  • The Sick Man, who is part of the quest on getting Saber is located here.
  • The theme of the Frozen Village is The Start of Winter, which was composed by @DTF.

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