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Fragments, as of Update 11, replaced Rare Artifacts as a new type of currency used in the Second Sea and Third Sea.


-Buying fragments with Robux in the shop.

-Defeating Blackbeard or rip_indra will give you 1500 fragments.

Note: You need to do enough damage to rip_indra or Blackbeard, (10%) in order to get the 1500 fragments and other rewards.

- Defeating Cake Prince will give you 1000 fragments.

-Defeating a Sea Beast will give you 250 fragments.

- Defeating a Ship Raid will give you 200 fragments. (Only if you defeat both Brigade which gives 100 fragment and two Basic which gives 50 fragment each.)

-Completing Fruit raids would give you a total amount of 1000 fragments. But it would add the amount of time left, count in seconds, multiplied by 4.5 fragments." Fruit raids will NOT give you any fragments if you die in the raid.

-Defeating someone with a Youtuber Title can give you 250,000 Beli and 2,500 fragments. In order to get the rewards, you must get bounty from them.

-Defeating Elite Pirates (you don't need to have a quest).

-Defeating Training Dummy (you need to have a quest) .

-Completing a Pirate Raid in Castle on the Sea (Third Sea)

-Doing the Horned Man Quest ( by doing the quest you will get few fragments every time you kill the boss )

-Getting fragments in random surprise

-Fragments chests in Mirage_Island

(Example: You finish the raid with 2:00 mins left, the amount of fragments you will obtained will be:300+4.5*120=300+540=840 Fragments. Max amount of fragments you can earn per raid is 1000.)

(You can get the maximum amount of fragments from a raid by beating it in 156 seconds or above. It will be: 300+4.5*156=300+702=1002, any lower than that will not be equal or over to 1000.)

-During the Winter 2020-2021 event you could trade candy for fragments from the Greedy Elf. 40 candies = 500 fragments and 100 candies = 1,500 fragments (Ended).

-During the Winter 2021-2022 event you could trade candy for fragments from the Greedy Elf. 50 candies = 300 fragments and 100 candies = 700 fragments (Ended).


- Kabucha for 1500 Fragments.

- Flower ship for 1500 Fragments.

- Dragon Breath for 1500 Fragments.

- Stat Reset for 2500 Fragments.

- Race Reroll for 3000 Fragments.

- Microchip (Order Raid) for 1000 Fragments.

- Death Step for 5000 Fragments.

- Sharkman Karate for 5000 Fragments.

- Electric Claw for 5000 Fragments.

- Dragon Talon for 5000 Fragments.

- Fruit Awakening (14500 - 20000).

- Enhancement Color (Fragment counts for Regular and Legendary are 1,500 and 7,500. The total cost to get them all is 37,500 Fragments).

- Pole (2nd Form) for 5000 Fragments.

- Cyborg race for 2500 Fragments.

- Crew Slots for 2000 Fragments.

- Phoenix Chip for 1000 Fragments. (Every 2 hours).