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The Fountain City is the last area of the First Sea, and is also the biggest island in the aforementioned sea.

The entrance to this island is a small station to the south of the island. This station has the Boat Dealer NPCs and a stairway leading to the upper area of the island where the Spawn Point NPC and the NPC Freezeburg stand.

Fountain City houses the Galley Pirates, a gang of pirates that occupy a third of the island. They use Swords and are what the player should grind until Lv. 750.

The Galley Captains are the upgraded version of the Galley Pirates, although the player shouldn't actually farm these NPCs. It is recommended to just keep on farming the Galley Pirates due to their ability to coat their fists with Enhancement.

Cyborg is the boss of Fountain City. He is a cyborg that can dish out high-damage punches and missiles and attacks with a large area of effect.


  • Fountain City has shallow/non-collidable water rings around the island that do not damage Blox Fruit users.
  • There is blue chest on top of the fountain.
  • The player can get the Galley Pirate and Galley Captain stuck into the short wall and easily defeat them with long ranged attacks. Make sure to avoid any skills they may use.
  • This is the last island in the First Sea.


  • The theme of the Fountain City is Cottage Industry, a song composed by Roblox.

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