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The Forgotten Island is an island that got added to Blox Fruits during Update 14. It is a Level 1425+ Island and is currently the last island of the Second Sea. This island is located slightly between Snow Mountain and Hot and Cold. This island is also one of the spawns for the Master Of Enhancement (right in the horn of the skull, on the cliff, at the right side of the island.), This island is pretty huge, consisting of one big mainland on a cliff with houses on it, a decent-sized beach, a gigantic skull in front of the cliff, with a Quest Giver and Set Spawn MISC. inside. There is another mini island behind the cliff mainland, where the Tide Keeper Boss spawns.

The Tide Keeper boss spawns at the back of the island and uses the Dragon Trident, and he can drop it after defeat (10%). He can also summon a fake Sea Beast which is weaker than the usual Sea Beasts.

You can buy Sharkman Karate by talking to Daigrock the Sharkman, but you will have to give him a Water Key, and you must have at least 400 mastery on Water Kung Fu, 5000 Fragments, and 2.5M Beli (similar to Death Step requirements) before buying the Fighting Style. The Water Key can be obtained by killing the Tide Keeper, you must deal 10% damage to get the key by chance (40%). It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,500,000 and Fragments.png5,000 Fragments for Sharkman Karate (Must also have the two requirements).

There are 6 Sea Soldier spawns, 5 Water Fighters spawns, 1 Tide Keeper spawn and 8 Chest spawns.


Level Required Description Reward Ability Images
1425 (Logia at level 1473) Defeat 8 Sea Soldiers. $12,250

33,500,000 EXP

Sea Soldiers have the ability to use the Water Kung Fu Z move.
Sea Soldiers.png
1450 (Logia effects do not work) Defeat 8 Water Fighters*. $12,500

35,500,000 EXP

Water Fighters have the ability to use the Water Kung Fu X move. Logia affect doesn't work on Water Fighters because they have Buso Haki /Enhancement. It is recommended to grind at Sea Soldiers because they don't have Buso Haki /Enhancement.
Water Fighters Blox Fruit.png
1475 (Logia does not apply, since NPC is a Boss.) Defeat the Tide Keeper. $12,500

38,500,000 EXP

Tide Keeper can use both Dragon Trident Z and X moves, as well as frequently spawning a Sea Beast to fight for him.
Tide Keeper.png


  • Master Of Enhancement (The Master Of Enhancement spawns sometimes, and then disappears (every 30 minutes). This process regularly repeats)
  • Forgotten Quest Giver
  • Set Spawn Point MISC.



The theme of the Forgotten Island is Exploring the Ruins, which was composed by @DTF.

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