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The flowers are part of the Flower Quest to upgrade your race to V2. Currently there are three types of flowers: red, blue and yellow, below are their locations.

  • Red flower only spawns during day
  • Blue flower only spawns during night

Spawn Locations

Blue Flower Spawn Locations

Spawn Location Picture
In the secret passage on cave island (Hole in ceiling).
Near the trees in graveyard.
On The graves (in Graveyard).
Usoap island behind the left house near the tree.
On Usoap Island on the ground.

Red Flower spawns

Red Flower Spawn locations
Spawn Location Picture
Beside stairs in first area (of Kingdom of Rose).
Swan Mansion.
Green Zone near the Marine Lieutenant.
Behind a rock in Green Zone.
On the giant rock near the Factory closest to bridge.

Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower Acquisition Method
Acquisition Note
Kill any NPC obtain this by killing Npcs

How to evolve your race to V2

  1. First talk to Alchemist in Green Zone, after this find the three flowers and talk again to Alchemist.
  2. Pay B$500,000 to evolve your race to V2 (Note that you also have to be level 850 and have to have completed the Bartilo quest located in the The Café!)


  • After getting the red and blue flowers, you might have a better chance to get the yellow flower.
  • Blue flower will only spawn at night, and will despawn when it's day. However, red flower will not despawn until someone pick it up