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Flash Step is an ability that lets the user travel between medium to short distances extremely fast, as if they were teleporting, at the cost of 10 energy, as well as a cooldown of 15 seconds.

  • If the user has Human's V2 stage, the range of this ability will be increased, as well as decreasing the cooldown to 10 seconds instead of 15.


It can be used by pressing R while having the cursor on where you want to go (PC), or pressing the "Flash Step" button and then pressing where you want to go (MOBILE).



Flash Step can simply be bought from the Ability Teacher at the Frozen Village's cave for RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 100,000. Entrance to the cave can be seen in the picture to the right.


  • This can also be used to do the Wall Glitch.
  • This is useful for escaping or sneaking next to your enemy to use a high DPS (Damage Per Second) close-range move.
  • You can only teleport to a surface, not mid-air.
    • Players count as surfaces, so if you're skilled enough, you can teleport up to a player in mid-air.
  • This is quite useful for escaping combos.
  • You cannot use Flash Step while in water.
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