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Flame is an Elemental(Logia)-type Blox Fruit that costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png250,000 or Robux.png550 in the shop. It can also be obtained by random chance from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin. This fruit has a 30% chance of being in stock, and a 12% chance of spawning in-game.

Its Japanese (anime) name is Mera Mera no Mi, and is used by Ace and Sabo in the anime/manga.

It’s a very good fruit for early game players as it has flight, is a Logia, and has good dps. It is also fairly cheap and common compared to other fruits. I suggest you keep this fruit until you can get Light instead.

To fully awaken this fruit, you need Fragments.png14,500.


This can be bought from the Blox Fruit Dealer for RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png250,000 / Robux.png550 Robux. It can also be found around the map, by dealing the highest damage in a Factory raid or from Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin. It was added in Update 1.


Name Description
Logia (Elemental) type The user is immune to all physical attacks if the user's level is equal to or above the level of the NPC (without Enhancement). fruit attacks can damage the user, though.

Key Name Description Damage ranking Mastery
Transparent Z button.png
Fire Bullets
The user shoots several, medium-damage bullets that can hit multiple targets at the direction of the user’s cursor, dealing massive damage if fully hit. This is the highest damaging skill in the game
Cooltext S+.png
Transparent X button.png
Fire Beam
The user fires a medium-sized beam from their hands in the direction of the cursor, knocking back incredibly anyone hit.
Cooltext A.png
Transparent C button.webp
Fire Column
The user slams the ground, releasing a surge of fire around the user and upwards, pushing back anyone caught in the pillar a good range dealing damage in an AoE fire column.
Cooltext A.png
Transparent V button.png
Fire Bomb
The user creates a massive orb of orange fire, which explodes (when it hits a surface or reaches its maximum range), dealing a high amount of damage to anyone in its radius.
Cooltext S.png
Transparent F button.png
Fire Flight
You turn your legs into fire then fly at a slow-ish pace.
Cooltext E.png

Key Name Description Damage ranking Fragments
Transparent Z button.png
Burning Blast
The player shoots a small medium-high speed flaming projectile that explodes on impact, dealing medium-high damage and leaving a damaging AoE behind for a few seconds. It will leave a flame effect on the ground for five seconds. The flame effect deals decent damage. (AoE)
Cooltext A.png
Transparent X button.png
Prominence Burst
The player fires an extremely fast beam of fire with much higher knockback and less startup time. This version deals instant damage, yet if you miss your target and you happened to fire somewhere that the beam can stop, it will explode on impact and damage anyone caught in the explosion. After the explosion, it will leave a flame effect on the ground or on the target, dealing decent damage. The flame effect on the ground deals decent damage. If your aim is good, this move is near impossible to dodge. (Ken Break)
Cooltext A+.png
Transparent C button.webp
Flaming Vortex
The player unleashes an explosion of fire beneath the player, launching not only the player but anyone else caught in the blast much higher than before. This version is much better for catching airborne enemies and hitting them. It will leave a burning flame effect on the ground for 5 seconds, dealing decent damage. (Ken Break)
Cooltext S.png
Transparent V button.png
Flame Destroyer
The player summons a gigantic spherical orb of fire with red fire effects surrounding it (five times bigger than the non-awakened Fire Bomb) and throws it at the target. Upon impact or reaching its maximum range, it explodes. The explosion is really huge. It deals a high amount of damage. It leaves a burning flame effect on the ground for 5 seconds dealing a decent amount of damage. (Ken Break)
Cooltext S+.png
Transparent F button.png
Rocket Flight
You turn your legs into fire and fly at a faster pace than Fire Flight, The cooldown is a tiny bit shorter too.
Cooltext E.png

Moves Gif
Fire Bullets
Fire Beam
Fire Column
Fire Bomb
Fire Flight


Flame Review (V1)

Flame is exceptional for its price. Flame has high damage, good hitboxes, flight move, and the Logia effect. Considering the fact that Flame is only B$250,000, it's considered the best starter fruit. I highly recommend this fruit to new players, and it shouldn't be replaced until they can get Light. The only Cons for grinding with Flame is the knockback, but besides that, it's an awesome fruit. Light is more of an optional choice, but you'll be fine sticking with Flame for a long time. This is one of three best fruits for grinding, and is definitely worth everything you payed for it.

  • Damage: S+
  • Grind: A+
  • Range: A+
  • Durability: A
  • Mobility: A
  • Difficulty: A+
  • PvP/Bounty Hunting: B+
  • Speed: A+
Flame Review (V2)

Awakened Flame has massive AoE, hitboxes and every skill breaks Ken Haki (Z if it lands when your target is on the ground) this fruit is much more PvP oriented but is still godly in every situation including Raids, Farming, PvP and bounty hunting. The extra passives of this fruit include the logia immunity and a area of fire that deals extra damage and keeps your opponents Ken Haki from regenerating.

  • Damage: S+
  • Grind: S
  • Range: S
  • Durability: S
  • Mobility: S
  • Difficulty: S+
  • PvP/Bounty Hunting: S+
  • Speed: S

This fruit deals the highest damage in the game (V2), this is tied with String V2
Fast flight
V2 is very good for PvP.
Really good at close to medium-long range.
All of Flame V2's damaging moves break Ken Haki.
Good for grinding Bosses, because of high knockback and burn damage.
Flame is exceptional for its price. It only costs B$250,000, which is an affordable price for players grinding to go to the Second Sea / New World, along with those is the Old World / First Sea
Low mastery levels for good moves that deal good damage and knockback.
Very Good hitboxes
Enough knockback so it’s useful in PvP, but not so much fling so it’s still usable in grinding.
Spammable skills.
Non-awakened C [Fire Column] and V [Fire Bomb] and awakened X [Prominence Burst], C [Flaming Vortex] and V [Flame Destroyer] can break Ken Haki and unawakened Z [Fire Bullets] and X [Fire Beam] can make your opponents use a large amount of Ken dodges.
Awakened X [Prominence Burst] can be used as an AoE attack up close and at long range which makes it one of the best skills for any range situations.
All of V2's damaging moves have AoE (all the awakened damaging moves can break things too).
Fire Bomb's hitbox is big, and Flame Destroyer's hitbox is huge, almost five times bigger than Fire Bomb. Hold the move, zoom out and compare the two's sizes by going to the Awakenings Expert.
It's more durable than most would think, as you can use the X [Fire Beam / Prominence Burst] ability to force opponents back (it has REALLY high knockback), and the Awakened C [Flaming Vortex] ability to escape some combos and fling opponents and yourself in the air.
Fun to use due to its effects and mechanics for PvP.
Low windup (mostly) which lets you dish out moves pretty quickly, making it good for PvP.
Low endlag which makes it good for PvP.
Works with all Races, Fighting Styles, Guns and lots of Swords.
Extremely easy to use and get used to.
Flame Raids are very easy so you can awaken this really quickly.
Good fruit for fighting Sea Beasts since more than half of the moves are ranged and deal good damage.
Easy to awaken
Cool effects
Works well with and with out teammates or strategies, making it viable for hunting and being hunted.
The damage scaling with stat points is good because it increases more with each stat point and mastery point because of all the moves that hit many times, meaning it gains more damage than most other fruits.

High knockback so it's not the best for grinding. Recommended to fling the enemy into the sea to make it respawn near you (or launch it far away, but only so when you are near where the enemy spawns, so you don’t need to gather it again).
Fire Flight (Flame V1's flight) is quite slow. Second slowest flight move. It has a long cooldown too, (4th because its slower than 3 other flights).
V2 deals slightly less damage than V1 because of the Z move.
The Z move, both unawakened [Fire Bullets] and awakened [Burning Blast], are hard to hit in combat. V2 is also an AoE fruit so if you're fighting on Water you have to rely on Awakened V [Flame Destroyer] and Awakened C [Flaming Vortex].
Combo potential isn't the best because of very few stuns. Using this fruit with Electric or Superhuman is recommended.
The unawakened Z move [Fire Bullets] can only deal high damage if a good amount of bullets are hit. But they're quite slow so it's easy for opponents to dodge. (recommended to use a stun skill that breaks Ken like Acidum Rifle's Z).
Both non-awakened C [Fire Column] and awakened C [Flaming Vortex] requires you to be close to the opponent for it to hit.
Although this fruit is very spammable, once you start facing off against opponents with decent skill, it won't be a viable option. To avoid this, don’t use the C move and try to lure them in a certain direction by using the Z move, and then attack with the X move when they are trapped.
Flame V [Fire Bomb] has a big startup time.
Moves can be dodged by Flash Step.

When you press to melee, the unawaken Z will have slightly more damage This fruit is good for anything you do in Blox Fruits: In raids, it has massive hitboxes and amazing damage so you can beat raids easily, when grinding, it does high damage and knockback moves to force bosses away if you are low on health, and bounty hunting is the Awakened F move has decent speed and all moves are quick, high in damage, nice hitboxes, and low cooldowns. It only lacks in stuns but otherwise a great fruit.
Flame actually has a higher chance of coming in stock than Smoke, which is good for beginners looking for a good fruit.
Every awakened ATTACK skill does burning damage that can hit up to 6 times doing over 1000 damage, if the enemy is willing to stand on the fire effect and take the damage. Useful for grinding.
Flame Destroyer does more than double the burning damage as it hits 2x as much and each second hit does around 10-20 times more damage than the first hit.
Fire Bomb is one of the highest damaging “one hit attacks”, tied with unawakened Quake V and a little behind Control X when you levitate the bridge in the Second Sea / New World. This skill is good for finishing off the Fishman Lord.
If you want to win a PvP battle, you can use X (when the opponent is really near the sea) -> V (right after your opponent reach the farthest distance possible in the sea) -> Z (additional damage). With the combination, you could force them to swim in the Water and take great damage.
This strategy is especially effective when used agaisnt Sand users, as they take 2x damage in the Water.
This strategy isn't recommended to use against fruits that have the fly ability (in some cases, even Rumble is included here), because they would try to jump off the Water, fly back to your position and use their strongest moves. It's also not recommended to use with Fishman V2 or V3 users, as they are immune to Water, which would reduce the damage you would've normally have done.
The flame Raids are considered to be the easiest so awakening this fruit will not be very hard.
If the water combo is used to force your opponent into the magma in magma city or hot and cold then it would most likely one shot with a single attack since most of flames skills will drill enemies into the ground(Nothing can avoid high damage if your aim is good).
Flame is a cheap fruit that is recommended for beginners (cost: B$250,000). Flame V2 is an extremely good PvP fruit due to its high damage, burn damage, knockback and versatility. Despite these strengths it is still underrated due to not many people using this fruit and then people saying it isn't that good, when it IS a good fruit (awakened). So it is recommended to test how good this fruit really is.

Combos (Awakened):

Flame X, Flame Z, Flame V, Flash step, Flame C (for grinding).

Pole v2 Z, Pole v2 X, Acidum Z, Flame Z, Dragon Talon X, Z, Flame X, right after the Flame X, Soru, Flame C and then Flame V or Dragon Talon C.

Flame C, look up, Flame Z, Superhuman Z, Superhuman C (Flame X you may need to dash to hit Superhuman C).

Soru, Flame C, Sharkman C, Sharkman Z, Flame X (or Sharkman X).

If a combo ins't working, comment down below and we'll remove it.

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