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The Fishman Lord is a level 425 Boss, NPC, added in Update 2. This Boss, spawns every 20 minutes, in front of his throne.

If his health gets to around 40-50%, he will transform into his a "second form" and regenerate all his health. This can be prevented by not using melee moves, and instead killing him with longer range moves.


This Boss can be found in the palace of Underwater City inside of the palace in front of the throne. The Quest associated with this boss gives the player RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 15,000 and 4,25M Exp.


When you defeat the Fishman Lord, there is a 10% chance to get the Trident.


Name Description
Trident Throw If this move hits, he will reel you in while you take damage. If it misses, he will grapple to where the trident hits. His second form's trident has less wind up.
Water Pulse When he is using his melee attacks he has a chance to launch the attacker away with a repel attack, seen as blue rings surrounding him.
Fishman Lord Strategy.png


  • Fishman Lord will go into his second form once he gets to low health. His strength also increases in his second form. It is best to use Observation to dodge his attacks (all moves cannot break Observation) or just to stay far away.
  • A way to defeat him easily is to hit him, then run outside of the palace. Get the Fishman Lord on the other side of the wall, then use long-range AOE (Area of Effect) moves, or rapid melee attacks. Make sure not to use your moves all at once, since in the time you stop using moves he could regenerate.