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The Fish race is one of the four races that players can spawn with upon joining the game for the first time. It has a 12.5% chance to be granted upon first join.


The player has a 25% chance to get this race when changing their race, which they can do in 3 different ways:

  • buying a Race Reroll from Norp | Fragments.png 3000
  • buying a Race Reroll from the Shop | Robux.png 90
  • buying a Race Reroll from certain Event NPCs | Magic Elf or Death King (currently unobtainable)

V2 Obtainment

The Fish race can be evolved to its V2 stage by completing the Alchemist's Quest.

V3 Obtainment

The Fish race can be evolved to its V3 stage by completing Arowe's quest, which varies depending on the race.

Fish's V3 quest is:

  • Defeat a naturally spawned Sea Beast.
    • Make sure you grab the quest every time you join the game, it will reset if you rejoin.


Each stage of the Fish race will give buffs and make visual changes to the player's avatar. Each stage buffs carries onto the next (e.g. at V3 you'd get the buffs from V2 and V1 as well).

Stage Buffs Visual changes Image
Version 1 Decreases the damage the player takes while in water (includes water damage). Gives the player a blue shark fin on their back. Fishmantransparent.png
Version 2 Water Mastery;
  • Increases the player's speed while in water.
  • Completely removes water damage.
No visual changes. Fishmantransparent.png
Version 3 Unlocks an ability named Water Body. While activated:
  • Decreases damage taken from players and NPCs by 85%.

Lasts for 6.5 seconds, has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Shark fin becomes larger and a bit paler. Cellular.png


  • Water immunity is great, substitutes easily for a boat.
  • The V3 ability is super good for tanking attacks or combos, virtually rendering the combo(s) useless.
  • Allows the player to use Dough's F move in water.


  • Ice v1/v2, Magma V2 and Human: Buddha v2 grants sea walk, rendering this race's passive abilities useless.
  • Most passive abilities aren't that great.
  • Most skilled players can counter this race's defense boosts easily.
  • Doesn't give you a speed boost, which means you'll have a pretty slow speed and die easily without the Water Body ability (unless you have the high mobility Melee/Fruit/Sword or Accessories that increase speed to you)


  • The extra swim speed is faster than the Dinghy, but slower than the Sloop.
  • Titles:
    • "Sea Monster" will be given upon evolving to V2.
    • "Warrior of the Sea" will be given upon evolving to V3.
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