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The Factory is a large facility located in the Kingdom of Rose (Second Sea) North-West of The Cafe capable of producing Blox Fruits.

It opens every 1 hour and 30 minutes and shuts down in 5 minutes.

When a factory raid is about to open, the following message will appear in the chat: "We are breaching the factory in 30 seconds!"

After about 30 seconds, another warning will appear, with a message that reads: "THE FACTORY HAS BEEN BREACHED. POISON CONTROL ACTIVATING IN 5 MINUTES." After that, the Factory will be open and players will have 5 minutes before it is closed.

If the core is not destroyed within 5 minutes, a message saying, "ALERT: FACTORY POISON CONTROL ACTIVATED. ALL STAFF RETURN TO WORK IMMEDIATELY." will appear. Green smoke will be expelled, dealing damage to those still inside of the Factory, and all players inside of it will be teleported out.

if the core is destroyed, a message saying in the chat, "101 FACTorY MALffffUNCtion. END." . The player who deal the LAST hit to the core will be awarded a random Blox Fruit. All players are awarded 698,281+ EXP and around 80k-100k Beli if they deal enough damage, they also have a small chance to be awarded the Acidum Rifle (20%)

Note: Gaining a fruit from factory is pretty bugged at this time, sometimes you deal less damage but still get the fruit and sometimes you are guaranteed to do the most damage, like when you have Human V3 or a high damage skill, but still does not get it. The only way to get a fruit that is guaranteed for now, is to buy a private server and complete factory alone. You also sometimes get stuck in the factory when it has been destroyed while using skills like Quake V2's Z skill, Control's V skill and Dragon’s C move ( Transformed or not Transformed but it doesn’t matter) etc.

Factory has a protection mode that will make it immune to all damage. When it's enabled, a blue border will appear around the core.


- Cyborg is in front of one of the windows behind the factory. He sells the Flower Ship for Fragments.png1500.

- 2x drop chance increases the chance of Acidum Rifle dropping.

- 2x money also increases the amount of money.

- Remember that if you glitch inside when it’s about to start factory, factory will be open with the protection mode.

Legendary Sword Dealer has a chance of spawning near here.


- Ally everyone or get killed by someone for the PvP shield if you don't want to die.

- If someone does not ally and starts attacking you, just say "please, stop", or if you are good at PvP then kill them while the Factory force field is active.

- Try staying far away from the core if a lot of people that are not allied are there.

- Get a long range AoE Fruit, for example, Light's V move. This is a great move to attack the people that are not allied or the other team in the core of the factory, encouraging them to either ally or run away if they do not wish to lose Bounty / Honor or discouraging them from dealing enough damage to get the random fruit, while also damaging the core.

- Get a big group of people if you're weak, preferably a crew so you will win and the guy who dealt the most can give it to you if they want.

- If there are players who don't want to ally you and you don't want to lose bounty or die, get a skill that does AoE, like Control's V move or Quake's C and V skills.

- Magma V2 and Venom are recommended due to high tick damage to both the factory and unallied players.


Dough's X move can be used on the core, when this happens, the Dough lasso will become massive, so big that it may lag some people. Ice's moves can sometimes freeze the core too. The Ice stun move will just cover the whole core. Note: Only for Ice's X, C and V moves. According to Norp, an admin, he says that factory is a pvp event in which people fight to do the most damage to the Factory, while killing other people to increase your chances of mastery and drops. Same with DarkBeard raids.

The theme of the Factory is Pirates, which was composed by Roblox.

Note : A factory does not have fixed time because a factory open when a server is over 1 hour 30 minutes so it is not like stock if we add timer and it will not happen in other server you will say that we vandalize .