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Enhancement is an ability that allows the user to cover themselves in a black coat of armor, enhancing their physical attacks and defense, as well as allowing them to damage Elemental users. The user can also train this ability to unlock its full potential!

It can be activated by using the J button (PC), the bottom D-pad (XBOX) or the pre-set button on your screen (MOBILE).



Enhancement can simply be bought from the Ability Teacher at the Frozen Village's cave for RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 25,000 beli. Entrance to the cave can be seen in the picture to the right.


Enhancement has a standalone EXP value, it's how the ability can be leveled up.

  • Each time the player damages something (NPC, other player, boss), whilst holding a sword, gun, or any melee; the player receives +1 EXP for their Enhancement "stat."
  • This includes moves, where moves such as Electric's C move or Dragon Talon's Z move (which deal multiple ticks of damage in a short amount of time) can be useful.
    • Remember: You get EXP when damaging something with Enhancement active, regardless if it's with click attacks or with a move. But keep in mind Blox fruit move doesn't work.

Using the method above, the player's Enhancement will progress in 6 different stages, each stage providing visual changes and buffs to the ability. Every time it progresses, it will not notify the player, it needs a re-activation in order to display.

  • The player's stage can be edited using the Enhancement Editor NPC. Using this will retain the buffs of their actual stage, it only changes the appearance.

Visually, stages display differently depending on the player's fighting style, but doesn't change buffs.
Stage Visual Buffs EXP needed
Stage 0 Half arms, or half legs. Multiplies damage on non-fruit attacks by 1.1 (base damage * 1.1) N/A
Stage 1 Full arms, or full legs. Multiplies damage on non-fruit attacks by 1.1 (stage 0 damage * 1.1) 4,000 EXP
Stage 2 Full arms and torso, or full legs and torso. Multiplies all damage taken by 0.91 (damage taken * 0.91), effectively acting as defense.
  • Example: Normally, an enemy does 500 damage to you, but with stage 2 activated, it will be multiplied by 0.91 (500 * 0.91 = 455 damage).
  • It basically acts as extra defense.
12,000 EXP
Stage 3 Full arms, torso, and head, or full legs, torso, and head. Multiplies all damage taken by 0.91 (stage 2 damage taken * 0.91). 24,000 EXP
Stage 4 Full arms, torso, head, and half legs, or full legs, torso, head, and half arms. Multiplies all damage taken by 0.92 (stage 3 damage taken * 0.92). 48,000 EXP
Stage 5 Full body. Multiplies all damage taken by 0.93 (stage 4 damage taken * 0.93).
  • Damage buffs from Stage 1 remain.
60,000 EXP

Legs Arms Stage
EnhancementLegs0.gif Enhancement0.gif Stage 0
EnhancementLegs1.gif Enhancement1.gif Stage 1
EnhancementLegs2.gif Enhancement2.gif Stage 2
EnhancementLegs3.gif Enhancement3.gif Stage 3
EnhancementLegs4.gif Enhancement4.gif Stage 4
Enhancement5.gif Enhancement5.gif Stage 5


  • Color customization for Enhancement's outline can be bought, more about them here.
  • It's cheap, easily obtainable, and useful, so most people are advised to get it early.
  • There are no downsides to using Enhancement, so it's recommended to activate it all the time.
  • Upon reaching Stage 5, the user will receive the "Iron Man" title.
  • It's one of most important things to obtain, as you can't damage Elemental users without it.
  • One of the best ways to level up Enhancement is to auto-click using a weak sword (such as the Katana) and taking advantage of Elemental immunity to stand AFK and automatically train your Enhancement.
  • You can change how your Enhancement looks visually by talking to the Enhancement Editor, which lets you change the visual stage that you'd like to be on.
    • Visual means that the buffs won't disappear if you change to a stage that is lower than yours. It purely changes how the Enhancement effect applies.
  • There is no actual way for players to see how much EXP they have, unlike Observation.
  • Most Second Sea and Third Sea Swords change their color depending on the Enhancement color.
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