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The Elite Pirates are special Level 1750 Boss NPCs, added in Update 15. They function differently from any other boss added up to this point. All of them have the same spawn time of ten minutes. Elite Pirates have ~60,000 HP and use the awakened version of their respective fruits. The Quest Giver of these NPCs, Elite Hunter, is located at the Castle on the Sea. Talking to him reveals the current Island that the Elite Pirate is on, those being the Floating Turtle, Hydra Island, Great Tree, and Port Town. Currently, only three Elite Pirates have been introduced into the game, these include: Deandre, Diablo, and Urban. They all share the same rewards which include Fragments.png100, a chance of dropping a black, red, or green Hunter Cape / Bandanna, and a really small chance of dropping a God's Chalice (about 2%), which can be used to spawn rip_indra. The colors of the accessories are purely cosmetic, and do not change the buffs


Level Required: 1500 (beacause you need to be in third sea)

Rewards: (* = from the Pirate themselves)


  • Once the player defeats 5 Elite Pirates, they can receive the Pretty Helmet accessory from talking to Lunoven.
  • Once the player defeat 30 Elite Pirates, they can pull out the Yama sword located under the waterfall at Hydra Island. 30 is not required, but it guarantees the player will be able to unsheathe the sword.

Spawn Locations.

Port Town

Behind the mountain. (1 spawn)

Hydra Island

Around all the bottom part of the island. (5 spawns)

- Under the hill with dragon archers

- At Giant Islander spawn

- Near the shore opposite to the friendly arena

- Near the waterfall

- Near the rocks near the docks.

Great Tree

In "Banana fruit" spawn and near Marine Commodore's spawn. (2 spawns)

Floating Turtle

Around all the island. (7 spawns):

- Near the place with musketeer's hat

- Right behind Captain Elephant's spawn

- Near the Mythological Pirate

- Near Forest Pirate spawn

- On the hill near the mansion

- Near the second spawn

- On the "hill with a circle top" near the mansion.


  • An Elite Pirate cannot spawn when another Elite Pirate has already spawned and not yet been defeated.
  • Each Elite Pirate uses different awakened fruit abilities.
  • Although they are level 1750, you do not need to be level 1750 to get the quest from the Elite Hunter.
  • Talking to the Elite Hunter and clicking "Progress" will show you how many Elite Pirates you have defeated.
  • You still earn fragments from defeating Elite Pirates, with or without the quest.
  • Only 1 person can get their drops, you must "last-hit" the elite pirate to get the reward
  • Elite Bosses are good for mastery grinding. Since they are not that hard to find and give a good amount of mastery EXP.


Deandre uses Awakened Magma.


Diablo uses Awakened Dark.


Urban uses Awakened Rumble.