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Elite Hunter is a quest NPC, that gives players quests for killing 1 of the 3 Elite Pirates.

Players will receive the quest of the Elite Pirate that spawned randomly on any island, if there is no Elite Pirate spawned, players will not receive the quest.

The elite hunter will tell you which Elite Pirate has spawned and which island is he in.


Elite Hunter is located in front of the palace, at Castle on the Sea, on Third Sea.


Elite Hunter gives 3 different Quests. Depending on which boss has spawned


Description: Defeat Deandre. Rewards:

  • B$15,000
  • 60,000,000 Exp.
Deandre uses Awakened Magma. (uses the Z, X, C skills)


Description: Defeat Diablo. Rewards:

  • B$15,000
  • 60,000,000 Exp.
Diablo uses Awakened Dark. (uses Z, C, and V skills)


Description: Defeat Urban. Rewards:

  • B$15,000
  • 60,000,000 Exp.
Urban uses Awakened Rumble. (uses Z, X, and V skills)


  • A new quest is given every 10 minutes starting when the old Elite Pirate is defeated.
  • Defeating the Elite Pirate, with quest, will add 1 Elite Pirate, in progress.
  • Defeating the Elite Pirate, without getting the quest does not add to progress.
  • Defeating the Elite Pirate even without a quest will drop 100 Fragments.
  • Only one player can obtain the drops, the player that does the last hit gets the drop.
  • NPC model of the Brazilian admin/developer Guashiem.

Elite Pirate drops/rewards