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Elemental is a classification/category of Blox Fruits that allows the player to use abilities with properties of different elements, with the other two categories being Natural and Beast. There are currently ten Elemental fruits in the game.

Elemental fruit users have the unique passive ability to be immune against enemies that have a lower level or the same level as the user, however enemies with Aura enabled will be able to hit the user. This does not apply to bosses as they can ignore the Elemental immunity.

Most Elemental fruits are good for grinding in the First Sea and decent in the Second Sea. It is highly recommended to get Light, Magma, Flame, Ice because of their good damages and simple move sets for grinding. Grinding with Elementals are not recommended in the Third Sea as the elemental immunity requirement level is much higher and most of the NPCs have Aura in this sea unless you know how to deal with it.

Elemental Fruits

SmokeIcon Smoke
SmokeFruit Type: Elemental
Cost: MoneyIcon 100,000 or RobuxIcon 250
Awakening: None
FlameIcon Flame
FlameFruit Type: Elemental
Cost: MoneyIcon 250,000 or RobuxIcon 550
Awakening: FragmentIcon 14,500
IceIcon Ice
IceFruit Type: Elemental
Cost: MoneyIcon 350,000 or RobuxIcon 750
Awakening: FragmentIcon 14,500
SandIcon Sand
SandFruit Type: Elemental
Cost: MoneyIcon 420,000 or RobuxIcon 850
Awakening: FragmentIcon 14,500
DarkIcon Dark
DarkFruit Type: Elemental
Cost: MoneyIcon 500,000 or RobuxIcon 950
Awakening: FragmentIcon 14,500
LightIcon Light
LightFruit Type: Elemental
Cost: MoneyIcon 650,000 or RobuxIcon 1,100
Awakening: FragmentIcon 14,500
MagmaIcon Magma
MagmaFruit Type: Elemental
Cost: MoneyIcon 960,000 or RobuxIcon 1,300
Awakening: FragmentIcon 14,500
RumbleIcon Rumble
RumbleFruit Type: Elemental
Cost: MoneyIcon 2,100,000 or RobuxIcon 2,100
Awakening: FragmentIcon 14,500
BlizzardIcon Blizzard
BlizzardFruit Type: Elemental
Cost: MoneyIcon 2,400,000 or RobuxIcon 2,250
Awakening: None
DoughIcon Dough
DoughFruit Type: Elemental
Cost: MoneyIcon 2,800,000 or RobuxIcon 2,400
Awakening: FragmentIcon 18,500

NPCs - Elemental Immunity Chart

NPC Level Elemental level Notes
Bandits/Trainees Lv. 5 Lv. 2 Their Quest requirement is Lv. 0, but their Lv. is set at Lv. 5, even so, their Elemental Immunity is at Lv. 2
Monkeys Lv. 14 Lv. 14
Gorillas Lv. 20 Lv. 20
Pirates Lv. 35 Lv. 35
Brutes Lv. 45 Lv. 45
Desert Bandits Lv. 60 Lv. 60
Desert Officers Lv. 75 Lv. 75
Snow Bandits Lv. 90 Lv. 90
Snowmen Lv. 100 Lv. 100
Chief Petty Officers Lv. 120 Lv. 120
Sky Bandits Lv. 150 Lv. 150
Dark Masters Lv. 175 Lv. 177
Prisoner Lv. 190 Lv. 192
Dangerous Prisoner Lv. 210 Lv. 212
Toga Warrior Lv. 250 Lv. 252
Gladiator Lv. 275 Lv. 279 These don't appear to spawn until you come a certain distance away from them. Unless you have the spawn locations memorised, they are a bit annoying to grind.
Military Soldier Lv. 300 Lv. 304 Has a 50% chance to spawn with Aura, which neutralises immunity. Using Chop is recommended here, as they use swords (which Chop is immune to), and Chop is not affected by Aura.
Military Spy Lv. 325 None Uses Aura, plus Flash Step. Very annoying to grind. Recommended to grind Military Soldiers instead.
Fishman Warrior Lv. 375 Lv. 381
Fishman Commando Lv. 400 Lv. 406
God's Guard Lv. 450 Lv. 458
Shanda Lv. 475 Lv. 483
Royal Squad Lv. 525 Lv. 535
Royal Soldier Lv. 550 Lv. 560
Galley Pirate Lv. 625 Lv. 637
Galley Captain Lv. 650 Lv. 664 (with Chop) Has Aura. Chop is useful here.

NPC Level Elemental level Notes
Raider Lv.700 Lv.716 Their Quick Tackle move is hard to dodge without Instinct if your immunity hasn't kicked in yet.
Mercenary Lv.725 Lv.741
Swan Pirate Lv.775 Lv.793
Factory Staff Lv.800 Lv.820 Uses the Blox Fruits Smoke, Bomb and Spike, all of which can bypass immunity with its attacks. Easier to grind Swan Pirates as Factory Staffs are spaced very far apart.
Marine Lieutenant Lv.875 Lv.897
Marine Captain Lv.900 Lv. 924 (with Chop) Has Aura. Chop is recommended. Easier to grind Marine Lieutenants as you are immune to their attacks anyway.
Zombie Lv.950 Lv.976
Vampire Lv.975 Lv.1001 Has Flash Step, can be a bit annoying to grind. Slightly easier to grind Zombies instead.
Snow Trooper Lv.1000 Lv.1028
Winter Warrior Lv.1050 Lv.1080 Has a special attack that can bypass immunity and Instinct, and can also stun. Very annoying to grind, it is recommended to grind Snow Troopers instead.
Lab Subordinate Lv.1100 Lv.1132 A small detail that everyone misses is that it has Flash Step. To combat this, don't attack from the top of the Lab Subordinate. (This tip is only useful for people that use ranged moves from the top of NPCs such as Awakened Magma and Light's Z move.)
Horned Warrior Lv.1125 Lv.1159 Has an attack that can bypass immunity, and can also stun. Kind of annoying to grind, it is recommended to grind Lab Subordinates instead.
Magma Ninja Lv.1175 Lv.1211
Lava Pirate Lv.1200 Lv.1236 They have a few Magma fruit abilities that bypass immunity, but they are easy-to-dodge attacks.
Ship Deckhand Lv.1250 Lv.1288
Ship Engineer Lv.1275 None Has Aura. Annoying to grind, it is recommended to grind Ship Deckhands instead.
Ship Steward Lv.1300 Lv.1342
Ship Officer Lv.1325 TBA Has Aura. Not too annoying to grind, but it is recommended to grind Ship Stewards instead or use Chop/Buddha to grind these NPC's easily.
Arctic Warrior Lv.1350 Lv.1394
Snow Lurker Lv.1375 None Has Aura. Very annoying to grind, it is recommended to grind Arctic Warriors instead.
Sea Soldier Lv.1425 Lv.1473
Water Fighter Lv.1450 None Has Aura. Very annoying to grind, it is recommended to grind Sea Soldiers instead.

NPC Level Elemental level Notes
Pirate Millionaire Lv. 1500 Lv. 1552
Pistol Billionaire Lv. 1525 Lv. 1579
Dragon Crew Warrior Lv. 1575 Lv. 1631
Dragon Crew Archer Lv. 1600 Lv. 1658
Female Islander Lv. 1625 Lv. 1683
Giant Islander Lv. 1650 None Has Aura. Very annoying to grind, it is recommended to grind Female Islanders instead.
Marine Commodore Lv. 1700 Lv. 1762 (with Chop) Has Aura. Can be broken by Chop due to them using Dual Katana.
Marine Rear Admiral Lv. 1725 Lv. 1789 Very annoying to grind without Elemental immunity or Buddha, it is recommended to grind Marine Commodores instead.
Fishman Raider Lv. 1775 Lv. 1843 Their X skill can bypass Elemental and Chop immunity.
Fishman Captain Lv. 1800 Lv. 1869
Forest Pirate Lv. 1825 Lv. 1895 (with Chop) Has Aura. Can be broken by Chop due to them using a Katana.
Mythological Pirate Lv. 1850 None Has Aura. Cannot be countered by Rubber, even though they use Electric.
Jungle Pirates Lv. 1900 Lv. 1974
Musketeer Pirate Lv. 1925 Lv. 2005 Has Flash Step. Kind of annoying to grind, you can grind Jungle Pirates instead if you'd like.
Reborn Skeleton Lv. 1975 Lv. 2055
Living Zombie Lv. 2000 None Has Aura and Flash Step. Very annoying to grind, it is recommended to grind Reborn Skeletons instead.
Demonic Souls Lv. 2025 Lv. 2107 Uses old-unawakened Flame's "Z" and "C" move
Possessed Mummy Lv. 2050 Lv. 2135 Uses Dark's old-unawekened "Z" and "C" move
Peanut Scout Lv. 2075 Lv. 2161
Peanut President Lv. 2100 None Uses Aura.
Ice Cream Chef Lv. 2125 Lv. 2213
Ice Cream Commander Lv. 2150 Lv. 2240 (with Chop) Uses Aura. Can be broken by Chop due to them using the Dual-Headed Blade.
Cookie Crafter Lv. 2200 Lv. 2294 (with Chop) Uses Aura. Can be broken by Chop due to them using the Wardens Sword.
Cake Guard Lv. 2225 Lv. 2321 (with Chop) Uses Aura. Can be broken by Chop due to them using the Triple Katana.
Baking Staff Lv. 2250 None Uses Aura.
Head Baker Lv. 2275 None Uses Aura.
Cocoa Warrior Lv. 2300 None Uses Aura.
Chocolate Bar Battler Lv. 2325 None Uses Aura.
Sweet Thief Lv. 2350 None Uses Aura.
Candy Rebel Lv. 2375 None Uses Aura.
Candy Pirate Lv. 2400 None Uses Aura.
Snow Demon Lv. 2425 None Uses Aura.
Isle Outlaw Lv. 2450 None Uses Aura.
Island Boy Lv. 2475 None Uses Aura.
Sun-kissed Warrior Lv. 2500 None Uses Aura.
Isle Champion Lv. 2525 None Uses Aura.


  • The Level that you need to be resistant from melee/sword attacks is set at about 2% more than your current level.
  • Smoke and Blizzard are the only elemental fruits without an awakening.
  • Elemental is the 2nd largest category of Blox Fruits, ahead of Beast and behind Natural.
  • The Elemental category has the most amount of uncommon Blox Fruits, those fruits being Flame, Ice, Sand, and Dark.
  • The Elemental category has the second least amount of rare Blox Fruits, with those fruits being Light and Magma.
  • There are only two legendary Elemental Fruits, those fruits being Rumble and Blizzard.
  • Elemental has the least amount of mythical Blox Fruits at 1, with it being the Dough fruit.
  • Smoke is the cheapest elemental fruit and only Common elemental fruit.
  • Dough is the most expensive elemental Blox Fruit.
    • It is also the only Awaken-able mythical fruit and notable for being the only fruit based on a man-made substance, rather than a naturally occurring one.


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