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Electric Claw

Electric Claw is a fighting style that serves as a follow-up to it's predecessor, Electric. It has often seen use for grinding and PvP due to its fast click speed and easy-to-hit, strong moves.


  1. Get 400 mastery on the Electric fighting style.
  2. Find the NPC, Previous Hero, located behind the Mansion at the Floating Turtle in the Third Sea.
  3. Talk to him and do his quest that requires you to get to the Mansion in under 30 seconds.
  4. After completing the quest return back to the Previous Hero.
  5. Pay the Previous Hero RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png3,000,000, Fragments.png5,000 (After Paying once you can equip Electric Claw from the Previous Hero anytime for free)

If you do not meet the requirements, you won't be able to do the quest and the NPC will say "Nah."

You will also achieve the title "Raiton" upon getting Electric Claw. (This is a reference to the anime Naruto, as "Raiton" means "Lightning release" Which is one of the six Basic Chakra natures)


Key Name Description Mastery Preview
Z key perfections.png


Player rapidly slashes using their claws which last longer if you hold, stunning the enemy and then dashes forward creating electric sparks dealing damage. This ability also causes you to dash farther if held. 110
Electric Claw Skill Z.gif
X key perfection 3.png
Lightning Thrust Player dash forward where the cursor points but if you touch the enemy, player will make a electric explosion dealing high damage, leaving the ground scorched with a blue electric pattern. After holding this skill for 2 seconds, you may hear a sound similar to Rumble V2's F skill regenerating. After you release it, the distance that you'll will be launched twice as far and the attack will deal more damage. 220
Electric Claw Skill X.gif
C key perfect.png
Thunderclap And Flash The player quickly dashes at the desired target. and consecutively barrage the target, then smashing them back onto the ground, leaving the ground scorched with a blue electric pattern. 330
Electric Claw Skill C.gif


  • All moves can be used as movement, even the left click move.
  • Does very high damage per click.
  • Fast clicking speed, although outdone by Superhuman.
  • Low cool down moves.
  • C has an auto-aiming feature, similar to Venom X.
  • Good combo potential.
  • X and C are easy to land.
  • Best paired with Human: Buddha (For grinding and bosses).
  • Very low endlag, making it hard to punish.
  • Good damage.


  • High mastery required, for obtainment.
  • Previous Hero's quest can be challenging to those who don't have Mink, Light, Door, or the Pilot Helmet accessory.
  • Has two knock back moves. Great for bosses and PvP, but terrible for grinding.
  • Each click attack moves you forward, making it bad for AFK grinding and grinding in general (can be nullified with Buddha).
  • Electric Claw C is at disadvantage when battling on water, unless the player is using Fish.



  • If the X move is held down long enough, (approximately 30 seconds) the electrical effects and sound will stop but nothing else changes.
  • You can use Flash Step while triggering C and Z, (only for mobile users) Press flash step first, then press "use" thunderclap and flash. this can be used for surprising someone.
  • You can turn Electric Claw's bad m1's to something useful. Using Auto Clicker, and setting the click interval to 1 millisecond, you can glide because the m1's of this fighting style has a short dash. This is similar to Dragon Talon.
  • X move launches you VERY FAR if you have a low end PC or high ping making it good for traveling and running.
  • The third move Thunder Clap and Flash, is a reference to the Demon Slayer anime, "Thunder Breathing: First Form, Thunder Clap and Flash", they even function similarly.
  • If the X move is held for 2-3 seconds, it will make a charge effect. (This does not give any effect on the damage.)
  • This is the best fighting style for People that like to run away
  • This is usually paired with Human:Buddha fruit do to good damage and fast m1 speed.

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