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Electric is a Fighting Style added in Update 2.


Electric can be bought beneath the Skylands from the Mad Scientist for RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png500,000.

The Mad Scientist is hiding behind one of the rocks around the bottom of the Sky Islands. They resemble a "humanoid tiger."

This Fighting style can be upgraded to Electric Claw,upon reaching 400 mastery and gaining access to Third Sea.


Key Name Description Gif Mastery
Transparent Z button.png
The user stomps into the ground, making a small AoE blast, doing low damage. This sends the target high up in the air.


50 mastery
Transparent X button.png
Electrical Tackle
The user dashes forward where the cursor points doing medium damage. Used primarily for dashing forward mid-air.

Electrical Tackle

100 mastery
Transparent C button.webp
Electrical Floor
The user slams their fists in the ground, making the ground in front of them infused with electricity for a few moments doing AOE and stun.

"Electrical Floor"

200 mastery

Location in New World (Hot and Cold)


  • Electric's [C] move [ Electric Floor ] has good combo potential. However, it is hard to hit in PvP.
  • When using electrical floor, you can switch to another ability to line up your next shot.
  • Electric is good for Raids as you can use Electrical Floor to stun the Boss so your teammates can freely attack it.
  • If the user have really good aim, you can use stomp then tackle an opponent mid-air (You can also do it with the Spring [X] move).
  • This Fighting style is good for old world grinding as well as Water Kung Fu.
  • The [Z] move, Stomp, is glitchy and sometimes will not work on NPCs- Avoid using it while farming.
  • Use the [C] move, [X] move, then [Z] move to combo


  • [C] move has good combo potential
  • [X] move has good mobility


  • [Z] move is as said on top it’s terrible for everything (it’s really terrible for combos , pvp, grinding and traveling).
  • 2nd slowest punch ( 1st being dark step and not counting combat ).
  • The uppercut does knock-back so it’s bad for grinding.
  • [C] move’s damage is quite low.
  • Slow moves.
  • [X] move has a really small hitbox.
  • Cannot damage Rubber users.
  • Overall bad hitboxes and damage
  • Cannot move if you miss C.


Easy combo

  • Electric C + X or Z
  • Electric C + Rengoku X + Z
  • Electric C + Pole v2 Z + X ( easy but very strong ).

Medium- hard combos

  • Ice V + Electric 1 - 2 click ( not needed ) + electric C + Yoru Z + X Electric X. ( sword main )
  • Electric C + Rengoku Z + Control C + Kabucha X + Control V
  • Ice V + Elctric C + Rengoku X + Z + soru + electric Z
  • electric C + control c + pole v2 Z + X + Kabucha X + Control V + Control F + Electric Z. ( one shot if you can land Control f + electric Z )
  • electric C + dough C + pole v2 Z + X + Dough V + Dough X + Soru + Electric Z.

By @YkTp ThePro


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