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Dragon Talon

Dragon Talon is a fighting style that was released in Update 16, and can be learnt from the Uzoth NPC. It serves as an upgrade to it's predecessor, Dragon Breath, both having dragon-like moves.


  1. Obtain a Fire Essence from a Random Surprise, which can be bought from the Death King 10 times every 2 hours for 50 Bones.
  2. Go to Uzoth, who is located in the big gear to the right of the pole on the Haunted Castle, and give him the Essence.
  3. After giving Uzoth the Fire Essence, the player can learn Dragon Talon at any time.
    • Uzoth will accept the Fire Essence at any time, meaning the player does not need any of the mastery or currency requirements to give him the Fire Essence. Uzoth will then teach the player Dragon Talon whenever they have the requirements. Saves after re-joins.



Move Description Mas. Requirement
Talon Lighter The user lights their hand on fire, and dashes towards the cursor. If the user collides with an enemy, the user will grab them, and force-light their flames inside of the enemy.
  • After around 2 seconds, the player will knock the enemy away.
  • Can be held to increase dash distance.
125 Mastery (Z)
Ember Annihilation The user releases a dragon-like projectile towards their cursor that, upon collision with an enemy, will drag them along as it damages them. If this projectile collides with a surface or reaches its maximum distance, it will explode, dealing great damage.
  • The explosion leaves flames on the ground that deals damage over time.
  • Can be maneuvered using the cursor after release.
250 Mastery (X)
Infernal Vortex The user charges up 6 flames that circle around the user - making a vortex. Upon reaching the center/user, it creates a large explosion - dealing damage as well as heavy knockback to anyone inside the range of the explosion. 350 Mastery (C)

Move GIF
Talon Lighter Dragon Talon z.gif
Ember Annihilation Dragon Talon X.gif
Infernal Vortex Dragon Talon C.gif


  • Big hitboxes and AOE. (Area Of Effect)
  • Highest damage fighting style, 2nd place being Death Step (with Devil flames).
  • [X] move [ Ember Annihilation ], can curve at enemies (if you move the cursor) and can carry enemies to a certain distance.
  • [Z] move can be used for travelling, although holding it makes you go further forward.
  • [Z] (Talon Lighter) and [C] (Infernal Vortex) break Observation.
  • Even if you miss the [X] move, the flames that are left on the floor will still break Observation
  • Amazing for PvP since it has high damage.
  • Good for Combos
  • The tap ability launches you forward, so it can be a travel move. Or it can be making bounty/honor hunters mad.


  • Players can ken trick(turn on ken during move) Talon Lighter, making it deal no damage.
  • Somewhat hard to get, since you can only spin 10 times per 2 hour
  • Talon Lighter is not optimal for grinding as it is single target.
  • Needs skills, aim and timing because [Z] move is hard to hit without combo, X move really needs aim and, [C] move needs a good timing.
  • [Z] move has a small hitbox making it hard to hit.
  • [X] move is quite slow and can be dodged with Observation.
  • End lag on all moves.
  • Medium start-up time which leaves opportunity of the enemy to attack and possibly cancel the move (high start-up for [C] move).
  • Every m1 click makes you go forward so it is terrible for grinding if you use an auto clicker, unless you're a Buddha user.
  • [C] move is extremely slow and has massive end-lag. If you miss you will get attacked easily unless you stun the enemy with Magma, Ice or Soul Cane.
  • Not worth buying if you want to grind easily and use Melee attacks quite often.
  • High knock back which can push NPCs away (hard to farm) & fling players away giving them a chance to escape.
  • Heavily depends on stuns like the stun from Superhuman, so the attacks are easy to dodge with Mink v3 and Flash Step.
  • Fire Essence is hard to get if you are unlucky, making this fighting style one of the hardest to obtain.
  • Only obtainable in the Third Sea.
  • [C] can easily be punished upon missing due to the fact that you have to stay still while using the move making you an easy target.
  • [C] move has too much end lag making you vulnerable.


Easy Combos

  • Dragon Talon X + Z
  • Dragon Talon Z + X
  • Dragon talon X + Dragon Z + Soru and Dragon Talon C

Medium Combos

Hard Combos



(Note: The following results are tested on NPC's. The things that were used to test include: Full coating Enhancement, Dragon Talon 600 mastery, 2100 Melee points [200 Extra points], no accessories. The results are for reference only, there is no guarantee that all of them are 100% correct.)

  • Z (Talon Lighter): 3728 (Continuous damage × ~20 [40.3 – 201.6} × ~20] + Final Hit [1273.2])
  • X (Ember Annihilation): + 3870.6 (Right away damage [2673.8] + Explosion damage [1145.9] + Extra damage [50.9]

+ 4634.4 (Full Burn damage bonus [127.3 x 6])

  • C (Infernal Vortex): 4262.8 (Deals Damage Immediately)

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