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Dragon Breath

Dragon Breath is a fighting style in Blox Fruits, which can be learnt from the Sabi NPC, at a cost of Fragments.png 1,500.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png Dragon Rush User dashes forward twice, pausing in between to change direction, while engulfed in flames, with slicing particles appearing. 100
X key perfection 3.png Dragon Flames The user fires 2 dragons from their fist, spiraling them in front of them, doing damage and knockback. 200
C key perfect.png Dragon Explosion The user buries their fist beneath them, and creates an explosion with a huge radius that leaves small, fiery rocks sticking out of the ground.
  • Does around 2.5x more damage than a M1 attack.

Move GIF
Dragon Rush BreathZ.gif
Dragon Flames BreathX.gif
Dragon Explosion BreathC.gif


  • It's easy to catch people with the Z move, stunning them briefly.
  • The Z move can also apply bonus damage if the first "dash" hits.
  • It has very good damage and range, and some of its hitboxes are great.
  • The C move has a big hitbox, which makes it quite good for grinding.
  • All moves aren't single-target, meaning you can hit multiple enemies with them.
  • Very cheap in price. One Darkbeard kill will suffice.
  • X move is good for knocking back enemies in PvP when running.


  • The Z and C moves are quite slow, making them easily escapable with Flash Step.
  • Generally, this style is slow and close-ranged, giving it a disadvantage against ranged weapons.
    • For the same reasons, it is also easy to counter.
  • The X move is very predictable.
  • High mastery requirements for lower levels.
  • There is only 1 move that Z move [Dragon Rush] is not good for traveling because it will stop you like half a second at the end of the first dash.
  • not that good for Buddha due to the slow m1 speed
  • Deals Heavy Knockback.


  • You will get the title "Dragonborn" if you buy this.
  • When switching back to Dragon Breath, there is no need to pay fragments again.
    • Due to a visual bug, the text above tells you "Traded <Fragments.png 1500> for <Dragon Breath> " but it does NOT take your fragments.
  • You can upgrade this fighting style to Dragon Talon.
  • Dragon Breath name is seemingly inspired by Dragon's Breath, a very spicy chili pepper.

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