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Not to be mistaken with the Fighting Style Dragon Breath.

The Dragon fruit is a Zoan/Beast type Devil Fruit which is used by Kaido in the anime. It can be bought in the shop with $3,500,000 Beli/R$2600. It is the currently the most expensive fruit in the game and is one of the most rarest fruits in game. It can be randomly found under Trees, purchased from the Blox Fruit Dealer or Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin, or obtained in a Factory raid. The real name of this fruit is the Uo Uo no mi: Model Seiryu, or the Fish-Fish fruit in the Viz translation. It's direct translation means Fish Fish Fruit Model: Azure Dragon. It was added in Update 13.

Here is a showcase of Dragon: Dragon Showcase

You can change the color of your dragon form by going through colored hoops found behind the Cloud Castle (where the Sky Bandits are) in the First Sea, or behind the Ice Castle in Second Sea . However, you need various levels of mastery with Dragon in order to change to certain colors. Green, blue, and red are unlocked at 0 mastery, orange at 100, purple at 200, brown at 300, yellow at 400, white at 500, and the final color, black, is unlocked at 600 mastery. (It is advised that you dont eat this fruit in old world. Since it's mastery is really high, you will have a very tough time getting all the moves).


Name Description
Fury The user starts off with 50% of the "Fury Meter" bar when spawned. Your Fury Meter needs to be full to be able to transform into a dragon. Fury is regained over time and drains while you are in dragon form. Moves decrease your fury meter by varying degrees so mindlessly spamming isn’t recommended as it will deplete your fury meter insanely fast.
Transformation In Dragon form, the user gains a 62.5% damage resistance to all attacks and gives a buff/change to the human form's moves (however, you do not become immune to Water In Dragon form).

Key Name Description Tier ranking Mastery
Transparent Z button.png
Heatwave Beam
The user fires a beam of energy from their mouth, pushing the opponent in the direction of the beam if it makes contact while causing a huge explosion. The explosion has a large amount of knockback. If used in air this move isn't as good, since the enemy can use Ken Haki to dodge it.
Cooltext B+.png
Transparent X button.png
Dragonic Claw
The user coats their right hand in flames and dashes forward to grab the opponent, and

yourself along the surface of the ground. It can deal extra damage if the move slams into a wall.

Cooltext A.png
Transparent C button.webp
Fire Shower
The user jumps into the air and continuously shoots fireballs that damage and explode when they hit a surface. Each fireball causes some knockback will repel all the players around the explosion, this move also reduces damage per meteor, (example : 1st 106.87 dmg, 2nd 98.58) This move is decent for farming.
Cooltext A+.png
Transparent V button.png
The user transforms into a dragon.
Cooltext E.png
Transparent F button.png
Dragon Flight
The user grows dragon wings and takes to the sky. They fly faster than String Path and Gravity's Boulder Flight, but slower than Hybrid Phoenix Flight. There's animation change when flying up and down. When you are flying up, you will swing your wings faster. When you are flying down, you will not swing your wings.
Cooltext E.png

Key Name Description Tier ranking Mastery
Transparent Z button.png
Heatwave Beam
The user fires a beam of molten fire energy from their mouth. A bigger version of the human form's Heatwave Beam.
Cooltext A+.png
Transparent X button.png
Dragonic Claw
The user opens their mouth wide open then proceeds to shoots 3 crescent shapes in 3 directions from it's claw indicated by their cursor, damaging and burning enemies it hits for a short time.
Cooltext S+.png
Transparent C button.webp
Fire Shower
The user summons a fire-like orb from the inside of its mouth, then continuously shoots out glints of explosive violet beams. This move is a more powerful version of gravity's meteor rain
Cooltext S+.png
Transparent V button.png
Revert back to human.
Cooltext E.png


  • Very hard to get hit in dragon form, plus the damage reduction makes it almost impossible to be killed in dragon form..
  • The X move burns the target and deals damage over time.
  • 62.5% damage resistance when transformation is active. Gives yourself an insane advantage in PvP and bounty/ honor hunting.
  • Dragon Flight is decently fast. Very good for getting to places to grind or moving from island to island in raids.
  • Amazing for bounty hunting and PVP.
  • The human version of Fire Shower (C) can stun. You can use this to buy time in raid bosses.
  • Fire Shower (C) has a hit box that can push airborne opponents down to the ground.
  • Very good for lowering health of runners (such as light users) to slow their speed.
  • Dragonic Claw (X) does burn damage and allows for attack follow ups.
  • High damage, massive hit boxes, and incredible durability.
  • Has a very low skill floor once all moves are acquired.
  • Dragon's Z, X, and C move all break Ken Haki.
  • Very easy to kill bosses with it.
  • Dragonic Claw (Human) can serve as a great counter move when rushed at.
  • The V move can be use to counter Dark combos if use at the right time.
  • The X move( Dragon form) can instant change the fight when hit.


  • The damage of Fire Shower (C) decreases over time.
  • Fury Meter takes 1 minute and 40 seconds to fully recharge.
  • Fury meter drains quickly when the mode is active and skills are used.
  • Very difficult to obtain all moves as they require high mastery. (Especially for lower levels).
  • Dragonic Claw (X move) is hard to hit (human) as the user needs to be quite close to the target.
  • In human form, Dragonic Claw (X move) is only single targeting.
  • Flight becomes slightly slower the more damage you've taken (like any other fruit).
  • Takes aiming skills in Dragon Form (Z and X).
  • It is expensive to get.
  • The damaging moves have relatively long cooldown.
  • Not very good for grinding, since it doesnt have Logia immunity being a zoan type.
  • The C move has poor range.
  • Lags behind in high-level PVP.
  • Water, unless you have Fishman V2/V3 (like any other fruit).
  • Can be countered by simply staying in the air, also known as "air camping".
  • When you use transformation, you will be the biggest target on the battleground and boom, teamers will target you.

NOTE: Dragon Transformation plus Fishman v3 Water Body or Cyborg's energy core is really overpowered, as it makes you take no damage at all.


Easy Combos

Dragon X + Superhuman C

Dragon C + Dragon Z

Dragon C + Sharkman C

Dragon X + Deathstep Z

Medium Combos

Dragon X + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C

Dragon C + Dragon X + Dragon Z

Dragon C + Superhuman C + Dragon Z

Dragon C + Soul Cane Z + Kabucha X + Superhuman Z + C

Dragon X + Sharkman C + Dragon C

Hard combos

Dragon X + Dash once + Superhuman Z + Soul Cane Z + Kabucha X + Flash Step (Soru) in front of them + Superhuman X + Dragon C + Superhuman C

Dragon C + Midnight Blade X + Dragon X + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + Dragon X

Dragon X + Soul Cane Z + Kabucha X + Superhuman C + Dragon C + Dragon Z

Dragon and Superhuman Combos:
  1. Superhuman Z, Superhuman C, Jitte X, Dragon X, Dragon Z
  2. Superhuman Z, Dragon X, Superhuman C, Dragon C, Dragon Z
  3. Dragon X, Superhuman Z, Dragon C, Dragon Z
  4. Dragon C + Dragon X + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + Dragon Z
  5. Dragon C, Flash Step (Soru) to your opponent, Superhuman C, Jitte X, Dragon X, Superhuman Z, Dragon Z