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Dragon is a Beast (Zoan)-type Blox Fruit that costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 3,500,000 or Robux.png 2,600 from the Blox Fruit Dealer. Its Japanese name is Uo Uo no Mi Model: Seiryu and is used by Kaidou in the Anime/Manga. This fruit has a 1% chance to be in each stock, and a 0,7% chance to spawn in-game every hour.

This fruit is one of the 13 fruits that glows in its physical form (others being Love, Barrier, Quake, Buddha, Phoenix, Rumble, Paw, Gravity, Shadow, Venom, Control and Soul).


Name Description
Fury The user starts off with 50% of the "Fury Meter" bar when spawned. The user's Fury Meter needs to be full to be able to transform into a dragon. Fury is regained over time while not transformed, and drains while transformed. Using moves while transformed decreases the user's Fury Meter.
Transformation In Dragon form, the user gains a 62.5% damage resistance to all attacks.
Multicolored The user can change the color of their Dragon form by flying through colored hoops. Various mastery levels are needed.
  • Green, blue, and red are unlocked at 0 mastery.
  • Orange is unlocked at 100 mastery.
  • Purple is unlocked at 200 mastery.
  • Brown is unlocked at 300 mastery.
  • Yellow is unlocked at 400 mastery.
  • White is unlocked at 500 mastery.
  • The final colour, black, is unlocked at 600 mastery.

Key Name Description Mastery
Transparent Z button.png
Heatwave Beam
The user fires a beam of energy from their mouth, knocking enemies back.
1 mastery
Transparent X button.png
Dragonic Claw
The user coats their right hand in flames and dashes forward to grab the enemy and drag them along the ground. Deals extra damage if the enemy collides with a wall.
150 mastery
Transparent C button.webp
Fire Shower
The user jumps into the air and continuously shoots fireballs that damage and explode when they hit a surface. Each fireball causes some knockback, deals damage and stuns the enemy. More fireballs are shot out the longer this move is held.
250 mastery
Transparent V button.png
The user transforms into a dragon. Can only be used at full Fury Meter.
350 mastery
Transparent F button.png
Dragon Flight
The user grows a pair of dragonlike-wings, allowing the user to fly.
75 mastery

Key Name Description Mastery
Transparent Z button.png
Heatwave Beam
The user fires a large beam of molten fire energy from their mouth.
1 mastery
Transparent X button.png
Dragonic Claw
The user opens their mouth wide open then proceeds to shoot three crescent shapes in three directions from its claw, damaging and burning enemies it hits for a short time.
150 mastery
Transparent C button.webp
Fire Shower
The user summons a fire-like orb from the inside of its mouth, then they continuously shoot out enormous fireballs around themselves. More fireballs are shot out the longer this move is held.
250 mastery
Transparent V button.png
The user reverts back to human.
350 mastery


  • The damage reduction makes it harder to get killed in Dragon form.
  • The X move burns the target and deals damage over time, and in Dragon form it has a very large hitbox.
  • 62.5% damage resistance when transformation is active. Gives yourself an insane advantage in PvP and bounty hunting.
  • The damage resistance buff (while transformed) stacks with accessories like the Swan Glasses, which will give a staggering 70.5% defence buff.
  • High damage and fast moveset.
  • Dragon Flight is quite fast. Very good for getting to places to grind or moving from island to island in raids.
  • Good for surprise attacks and crowd control, and good for 1v1s.
  • The human version of Fire Shower (C) can stun. You can use this to buy time in raid bosses.
  • Fire Shower (C) has a hitbox that can push opponents (that are slightly above ground) down to the ground.
  • Very good for lowering health of runners (such as Light users) to slow their speed.
  • Good damage, massive hitboxes (for Dragon form), and good durability.
  • Has a very low skill floor once all moves are acquired.
  • Dragon's Z, X, and C move all break Ken Haki (while transformed). Dragon Z, C break Ken Haki. (Z needs to be a direct hit to break Ken Haki)
  • As long as the user keeps holding Fire Shower (transformed), the move's full duration will still play out, even if you get hit by an attack from a player or NPC (which would normally make you forcefully release the move).
  • Dragonic Claw (Human) can serve as a great counter move when rushed at.
  • The V move can be use to counter Dark combos if used at the right time.
  • Relatively easy to use and get used to.
  • X move does burn damage over time. The burn damage breaks Ken Haki.
  • Z has good range and low cooldown.
  • C is decent for farming (human form).
  • The flight speed remains the same no matter low high or low the user's health is.


  • Fury Meter takes 1 minute and 25 seconds to fully recharge.
  • Fury Meter drains quickly when the mode is active and skills are used.
  • Very difficult to obtain all moves as they require high mastery.
  • Dragonic Claw (X move) is hard to hit (human form) as the user needs to be quite close to the target.
  • Not good for air battles (human) since Z can be dodged with Ken Haki, X is hard to aim and C will not hit anyone while the user is in the air.
  • Dragon is almost never on stock and it is the most expensive fruit in the game.
  • Hard to obtain.
  • Not very good for grinding, as it does big knockback and it doesn't have Logia immunity since it is a Zoan type.
  • Fire Shower isn't good when facing opponents that are far away.
  • Water, unless you have Fishman V2/V3 (as with any other fruit except Ice).
  • Dragon C (human) cannot hit airborne targets.

NOTE: Dragon Transformation combined with Fishman v3 Water Body or Cyborg's energy core makes you take little to no damage at all. Wearing Swan Glasses while Transformation is active grants the user a 70.5% defence buff. Wearing the Bear Ears while Transformation is active grants the user a 72.5% defence buff.


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