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The Dough Fruit is a special Natural-type Blox Fruit. It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,800,000, or Robux.png2,400 from the Blox Fruit Dealer. This fruit has a 1.4% chance to be in each stock, and a 1.34% chance to spawn in-game every hour. Even though it is a Natural type, it functions as an Elemental type when Observation is activated. The fruit was added in Update 9.

Dough is widely known for its effectiveness and usability in PvP / bounty hunting and grinding. It is considered to be one of the better fruits in-game. It is also confirmed to be getting an awakening in update 17 part 3.


  • Grinding: S(S+ for bosses. Z move is highly useful as it has explosion impact, which is multi-target)
  • Range: A
  • PvP/Bounty hunting: S+(Without doubt one of the best combo fruits in the game, maybe behind dark, or ice, as its X move can pull players toward you, and that V move have great stun and damage.)
  • Mobility: S (Roller Donut is as fast as the Enforcer boat in the First Sea However, it cannot fly, so it only deserves an A+ . But Dough C can also be used for a slight travel distance, so make it an S.) (it does work on water with fishman v2)
  • Damage: S-
  • Usability: S (Every move is easy to land other than Sticky Dough)
  • Combo potential: S+
  • Fun: S+


Dough fruit has 5 moves.

Name Description
Special Reflex (Natural) If Observation is turned on, it works like an Elemental fruit. Enemies or mobs are unable to attack you unless they have Enhancement, if they use a fruit, or if they're a Boss.

Key Name Description Damage rank Mastery
Transparent Z button.png
Fried Dough
The player coats their arm in a hot, sticky dough and fires the arm at opponents dealing

decent damage. This move can also carry targets to a medium distance. The projectile will send them away and later explode. This is good for grinding, as this move damages multiple targets.

Cooltext A.png
1 mastery
Transparent X button.png
Sticky Dough
The user's hand turns into a rope of dough, swirling it on top of them when the move is being held. Then it swiftly dashes to where the cursor is pointed. If the cursor is somewhat near an enemy, the dough grabs them and then slams them on the ground in front of the player, dealing decent damage. This attack damages a single target, so it is not recommended for grinding. However, this move can be extremely useful for combos.
Cooltext A+.png
100 mastery
Transparent C button.webp
Carved Dough
The user turns into a wheel of dough and rolls around in the direction of the cursor, similar to Roller Donut, but much larger. The button can be held down to move around. When you come into contact with an enemy, run out of time, or release C (the button used to activate the move), the user will turn back into their normal form and leap into the air, then fall down and

smash opponents with their right hand (during the move, the user's hand becomes a dough mace). This move deals decent damage and knocks enemies upwards. This move damages multiple opponents and is recommended for grinding.

Cooltext S.png
200 mastery
Transparent V button.png
Restless Dough Barrage
The user initiates a stance, and then white donuts appear near the area you set your aim on. A great amount of dough fists, coated with Enhancement are then seen barraging the opponent through the donut rings and dealing damage for a few seconds. Holding V makes it last longer. This attack can deal 6.5k of damage if the player hold and fully hit (the max number of hits is 40).
Cooltext S+.png
300 mastery
Transparent F button.png
Roller Donut
The user turns into a wheel of dough for 30 seconds, and gains the ability to roll around at high speeds. However, you move slower depending on your health, similar to Light's flight ability. You can even roll on water, without taking damage, but in order to do so, you need the Fish race that's upgraded to V2 or V3.
Cooltext E.png
50 mastery

Move Picture / Gif
Fried Dough
Fried Dough.gif
Sticky Dough
Sticky Dough.gif
Carved Dough
Carved dough (c move).gif
Restless Dough Barrage
1st time editing ;-;.gif
Roller Donut
Roller Donut.gif


3 AoE moves which are good for farming and PvP.
All moves except F break Observation (Z is nearly impossible to dodge).
Does a ton of damage.
good in PvP and Bounty hunting.
You can roll in Water with Fish V2 & Fish V3 with Roller Donut (and Carved Dough) and it's quite fast. This is about 75% as fast as the Enforcer Boat when in Water and you can also roll in lava.
Many different and powerful combos that are quite easy to land.
Big hitboxes.
High mobility.
High accuracy.
When you unlock Observation, this fruit becomes good for grinding, because of the Elemental effect.
Good stun moves for combos
Good for different builds.
Very good combo potential.
X move is a lot like auto-aim, and a good combo starter.
Has both close-ranged moves and far-ranged moves so it is suitable for both close-range and far-range combats.
Very easy to use, although you do need a little bit of aiming skills.
V move can absorb the enemy in range. All you need to do is aim your mouse around a bit.
Very helpful for factory raids in public servers, because V skill will pull the players who are not allied and stun them, and Z has high knockback which can push unallied people.
Dough is usually paired with Soul Cane and Death Step for Death Step's similar move set and Soul Cane's stun

The release time of Restless Dough Barrage is slow.
Dough loses its Elemental effect when Observation is broken.
Attacks are easily dodged by Mink players if you're not skilled at aiming.
Moves aren't good for long-range battles.
Not recommended for low levels because of the high mastery and because the immunity effect is only active when Observation is active.
C move is useless on Water
Roller Donut can only roll for 30 secs and can't roll in Water if you do not have Fish v2 or v3.
Not very good at aerial combat.
Sticky Dough has high end-lag.
Roller Donut becomes slower depending on the player's health. (Similar to Light Flight)
Sticky Dough can only hit the whilst in the air under certain circumstances and with good aim.
Sticky Dough has a single target and requires aiming.
Every move is good other than sticky dough because of end-lag, not being able to cast in the air without falling, and its single target.
This fruit is really hard to grind with for people around 0-199 mastery as you only have one move that hits multiple enemies, and that is the first move you get Fried Dough, and when you get your second move Sticky Dough you barely help the grind.
While grinding requires a good melee (that is if your fruit is main) otherwise it will take forever to grind.
Dough is mostly for fruit mains, as it has few stuns to make it good for sword or gun mains.

2nd combo: (sword users with Koko or Shisui): Dough V (make the enemy come near you when used), Dough X, Kabucha X, Koko/Shisui X, Flash Step to enemy and Koko/Shisui Z.
3rd combo: (gun users): Dough V, Acidum Rifle Z, Acidum Rifle X, Soul Cane Z, Superhuman Z and Superhuman C.
4th combo: Dough V, Dough X, Sharkman Karate C, Sharkman Karate Z, and Dough Z.
5th combo: Dough V, Dough X, Soul Cane Z, Superhuman Z, and Superhuman C.
6th combo: Death Step V Dough V, Dough X, Soul Cane Z, Death Step C, Death Step Z, Dough X Death Step X , Dough V, Dough Z and Dough C
7th combo: (fruit and melee user): Death Step V + Dough V + Death Step C + Soul Cane Z + Death Step Z + Dough X + Death Step X (It might do insta-kill) 0D305D2C-7965-4A93-9D46-3AA5B4A369AE.gif
"Roller Doughnut " combo: C, jump, V, Z,
8th combo: (fruit main) Acidum Rifle Z + Dough Z + Dough X + Soul Cane Z + Dough V (bring them close) + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C 9th combo: (fruit and melee user) Death Step V + Dough X + Shisui Z + Death Step C + Death Step Z + Dough C (put camera up, quickly) + Dough V + Death Step X, it might be insta-kill combo (enemy can die before Death Step X).
10th combo: (fruit and melee user) Death Step V + Dough V + Dough X + Shisui Z / Soul Cane Z + Dough C (put camera up, quickly) + Death Step X
11th combo: (fruit main): Dough X, Midnight Blade X, Kabucha X, Dough V, Death Step C, Z, Dough C, aim up, Death Step X, I recommend to do while Dark user misses Dark X, they going to use Dark for Flash Step, use that time when they going to do the tp move because Dough X will chase and hit them(a glitch idk), the same thing with Midnight Blade too.
12th combo: Death Step V, Death Step C, Dough V, Dough C, (aim at the enemy) Dough X, Dough Z, (flash step to the enemy) Death Step Z.
13th combo: Dough V, Dough C, Dough X, Superhuman Z, Superhuman C, Dough Z, (flash step to the enemy) Superhuman X
14th combo: Dough V (hold), Death step C (hold), Death step Z, Dough X, Death step X
15th combo: Death Step V, Dough X, Yama, X, Look back Death Step C (hold), Death Step Z, and Death Step X (Diondrae's combo)

16th combo: Dough X, Spikey Trident Z, Sharkman C, Spikey Trident X, Dough C, Dough V, Sharkman X (this one-shots 50% of the time if not then add Dough Z to the end of the combo) -Combo by Waltzie

17th combo: Pole v2 Z X, Dough X V, Electric Claw Z, C, aim up X, if that doesn't finish them, Dough Z.

You can trap people in the Water with Dough V. They will take damage in the Water if you aim it correctly.
If you aim Sticky Dough correctly, you can catch people using Light Flight or Shining Flight (or any flight).
If you don't want to open Observation for the immunity, turn it on and then reset your character. This will make you have an Elemental effect without it. After doing this, turning on Observation will reset the effect.
This fruit is confirmed to get an Awakening in Part 3 of Update 17.

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