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The Door-Door Blox Fruit is a Paramecia (natural)-type Blox Fruit. It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png950,000, or Robux.png1,400, from the Blox Fruit Dealer. It's Japanese(Anime/Manga) name is the Doa Doa no Mi, and it was used by Blueno. This fruit has a 7% chance of being in stock, and a 6,8% chance of spawning in-game.

This fruit was implemented in Update 15. This fruit allows the user to open doors in anything, including air.

It is also considered as the best Blox fruit for fruit hunting, due to it's ability to open up doors in any island with Door Gateway (move 3).


The fruit is dark green and is translucent, also having patterns that resemble sea waves, like most devil fruits.


Move Description Mastery Gif
Spinning Door The user dashes in front of them, and if an enemy is hit, the enemy's head will spin and it will stun them little. 1
Z - Spinning Door.gif
Dimensional Door The user opens a door in front of them in the Air Dimension, which makes them go into the Air Dimension. The user will be ejected out of the Air Dimension after a few seconds. The user will also be ejected if they use a move. When the door opens in front of an enemy, it is able to damage the target and there will be a spark of electric (similar to Control's Gamma Rush skill).

When the user is in the Air Dimension, they will become invisible. They will also not take any damage until they go out of it.

X - Dimensionally Door.gif
Door Gateway The user is able to select anywhere to go to in the current sea they are in. Other people can go through this portal once it is placed. (Other players cannot go through the portal if the user is in a safe zone or their PvP is disabled). 200
C - Door Gateway.gif
Hallway The user makes a portal in front of them that leads to another portal. This move is like a short-range teleport move, and if it is opened on an NPC/player, it will deal some damage (also deals damage if you are right next to them and use the skill) 100
F - Hallway.gif


  • Very good fruit for trolling
  • The best mobility fruit in the game
  • Very good for fruit hunting
  • Can run from annoying bounty hunters quite easily.
  • C move can teleport to any island on the map
  • Can confuse the enemy in battle.
  • X move makes you invisible for a short period of time.
  • Good for non-fruit mains.
  • Perfect for traveling.
  • Great for boss farming.
  • You can use Guns or Swords when the enemy goes into the door making it have a decent combo potential.
  • Good for chasing an enemy who has better mobility than you.


  • Moves do mediocre damage at best (if you use Z+walk backwards and X then F right infront of the enemy with the cursor to the ground, you deal massive damage) so it Is not recommended for fruit mains
  • Mainly close ranged attacks
  • X and Z move can be hard to hit in PVP
  • Enemies can still go through Hallway and Gateway portals
  • No ranged moves
  • Not good for grinding
  • Requires very precise aiming and timing
  • Door Gateway is one time use so if you try going back in, you will not be teleported


  • The teleport moves do not teleport people if they have PVP disabled or if they are in a Safe Zone.
  • This is the first fruit that has a teleport move that other players can access.
  • Door's physical fruit is one of the first fruits to have a transparency level that isn't set to 0 (the other one being Love and the 3rd being Revive).
  • Door is the first fruit that is able to bring up a separate GUI.
  • Even though you cannot teleport players to other islands when you are in a Safe Zone, you can still teleport to them when PvP is disabled.
  • Dimensional Door will end immediately when you use another skill, fruit or not, however you can still use your race skill without being sent out, you can't use melee's or sword's LMB too btw.
  • Hallway can damage enemies if the door opens on them, they will also be teleported as well. (you can use this to "swap places" with an enemy, however if you use when they are really close to you they will go to the door where you get out, not good for NPC enemies)
  • Hallway's doors can still be used while in the air dimension from Dimension Door, which means transporting/escaping quickly on the battlefield.
  • You can teleport freely into the Cursed Ship via the C move even without being level 1000, but you cannot earn Ectoplasm until you reach this level. This is the currently only known way to get into Cursed Ship without meeting the level requirement.
  • If you use Door Gateway while in raid, it does make a door but you won't teleport.
  • If you use Dimensional Door in a raid, you won't go into the air dimension, but you can still damage enemies with the door opening. (Need more testing)
  • Passive healing is paused when you have Door Gateway's menu open.
  • If you open Door Gateway's menu but don't teleport anywhere, it will still be put on cooldown.


  • Use the X move of Door then don’t move, and you will be invisible but if others use Ken Haki, they will be able to see you, or any skill that hits you will make you appear again. NPCs will still attack you as normal.

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