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Not to be confused with the First Sea boss, Swan.

Don Swan is a level 1000 Boss, needed for evolving any Race, to v3.

To enter Swan's room, the player need to be level 1000 and the player must give a PHYSICAL Blox Fruit worth 1M Beli or above to Trevor (More info here). Only then will the player be able to enter the room. Upon defeating Don Swan, the player have a guaranteed chance of getting the Swan Ship, as well as a small chance (around 1-3%) of receiving the Swan Glasses. The player will also be able to evolve any race to V3 by talking to Arowe, who can be found in a secret throne room underneath Diamond's tree. It takes 30 minutes for this boss to respawn.


Move Description Damage Move Notes How To Avoid
Mega-String Attack Don Swan summons dozens of strings to impale his opponent from above. Around 500-1000 dmg/2k if he's on his Awakened Form. String X, but with multiple ones Continually spam dash left or right and/or flashstep
Ultimate Thread Don Swan summons multiple strings weaved together covered in Enhancement and sends them at the target in a piercing formation. Around 2.5k/5k if he's on his Awakened form. None Activating Observation
Flash-Step / Soru Flash-Steps towards the user. N/A He does this whenever the player is running away from him, to prevent the player from attacking him from faraway, making the battle against him harder. N/A
Over-heated Sniper Strike Don Swan shoots a thick rope made of condensed strings from his palm. Around 3k. It does not break Observation unlike the original one. Activating Observation


  • The player need to kill this Boss, to upgrade any race to V3.
  • Having Fish V3 or Human V3 is quite recommended but not required when farming this Boss. Player need Fishman V3 to increase player's defense, if low health, Player will need Human V3 to increase player's damage, when low.
  • The boss respawns every 30 minutes, unlike all other bosses in the second sea. They spawn around every 20 minutes(except Tide Keeper).
  • Pink Coat is obtained through Swan, in the Old World, can be found in Prison, there is a chance to get Pink Coat
  • If Observation is used and go to Jeremy, the player will be able to see Don Swan's name right below him, showing that his room is in the big mountain under Jeremy,
  • His regeneration is really quick so it's hard to solo him.
  • If the player get too close to him he will do the Multi-String Attack it has a bigger hitbox. If the player is near him, he will do the Ultimate Thread move from String.
  • He has less HP then a normal boss but makes it up with high damage.
  • His Second Form, he has a new move which is the Overheated Sniper. Make sure to use Flash Step right in time case he does a strong move.
  • Buddha is a great choice for defeating him, since the player can auto-click M1s, to stop him from regenerating.