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Not to be confused with the Blox Fruit with the same name, Diamond

Diamond is a level 750 boss located in Flower Hill. He is a tall, medium-sized man with a variety of flowers around his head, along with a green shirt and brown pants. He has a 20-minute spawn time like all bosses(with the exception of Don Swan who has a 29 minute and 44 seconds spawn time and Tide Keeper).

His quest gives 12.5M XP and RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png25k.

His set of attack moves is identical to that of a Longsword with an additional skill, in which he fires a puck as a projectile attack, dealing around 700-800 damage.

He has a chance to drop Longsword even though his sword’s model is cutlass.

Wenlocktoad Arowe is also located here. At the back of the hill through a hidden entrance, where you can upgrade your race to V3

An easy way to kill him is to keep your distance and spam ranged attacks at him.

Diamond's Airslash