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Death Step

Death Step is a leg-based fighting style added in Update 13 that can be learnt from Phoeyu, the Reformed. It is the upgraded variant of Dark Step, honing it.

While this style is equipped, Enhancement stages are based on the player's legs instead of their arms while activated. This is entirely visual and provides no buffs apart from regular Enhancement buffs.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Rocket Kick
The user dashes forward. If the dash makes contact with an enemy, the user will kick them backwards. If the dash or the enemy makes contact with a surface after being hit, it will make a dent in the surface that lasts for a few seconds.
  • Can be hold for up to 5 seconds to make the dash longer.
Mas. 100
X key perfect.png
Wind Bullet
The user kicks the air, creating a wind bullet. If the bullet makes contact with something, it explodes, dealing knockback and damage in an AoE blast to nearby enemies.
Mas. 200
C key perfect.png
Vermillion Drill
The user releases a barrage of kicks towards their cursor, and ends with a powerful downwards axe-kick if an enemy was caught in the barrage.
  • The duration of this move will be increased if the key is held down.
  • If the user is on the ground, they will jump up upon starting this move.
Mas. 300
V key perfect.png
Devil Flames
Ignites the user's leg(s) on fire, increasing Death Step's damage by 1.25x for around 40 seconds.
  • While active, all Death Step attacks leave fire that deals tick damage to enemies inside of it.
    • Activating Devil Flames 100 times will do nothing, Dark Step's Devil move is needed.
  • 60 second cooldown.
Mas. 400

With Devil Flames
Rocket Kick DeathStepZ.gif DeathStepZV.gif
Wind Bullet DeathStepX.gif DeathStepXV.gif
Vermillion Drill DeathStepC.gif DeathStepCV.gif
Devil Flames DeathStepV.gif


In order to learn Death Step, the player needs a few requirements:


Library Key held by a player

  1. Use the Library Key to unlock the door on the right side of the hallway entrance to the Ice Castle.
  2. Talk to Phoeyu, the Reformed.
    • If the player has 400 mastery (or higher) on Dark Step, they can learn it off Phoeyu at the cost of Fragments.png5,000 and RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,500,000
    • Phoeyu can also be found at the Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea, but the player will not be able to learn Death Step if they have not unlocked the door in the Ice Castle using the Library Key.


  • Second highest damage fighting style in the game while Devil Flames is active (Highest damage if count all burn damage).
  • The second highest combo potential fighting style(Mainly because of its C move being one of the highest stun move of fighting styles)
  • Insanely high damage with the fire tick damage that Devil Flames leaves behind (over time).
  • X has good AOE, C has great stuns and Z has good travel distance if held.
  • Excellent for PVP and bounty hunting for its range, damage, and great combo potential.
  • Fast-paced moves.
  • Fixes most of the things that made Dark Step, bad, such as larger range, bigger AoE, and the faster set of moves.


  • Moderately hard to get due to Dark Step's terrible damage, making it the hardest fighting style to get, harder than superhuman fighting style
  • The V move has the highest mastery requirement in the game.
  • Requires Double Devil of it's predecessor, Dark Step, in order to have its own double ignition.
  • Z doesn't break Observation. X only breaks Observation if the projectile hits the ground.
  • Hard to hit opponents from afar.
  • C move is a bit hard to land in PvP if your opponent is moving.(You got to be about the exact same area as your enemy is in)
  • Activating Devil Flames will make you unable to use attacks for about 2 seconds.

IMPORTANT: To get double devil legs on Death Step, you NEED double devil legs on Dark-Step. If you only have 1 leg on Dark-Step, then you will only have 1 leg on Death Step. Just activate the V move on Dark-Step 100 times to get double devil legs. Then re-equip Death Step, and you will have double legs on it as well.

Tips & Tricks

  • Using this with Ghoul's V3 ability will allow you to use Devil Flames infinitely.(Bug not patched, use it before it is!:D)
    • Simply, activate Devil Flames, and when it runs out use Heightened Senses to be able to use your moves at 40% cooldown, then use Devil Flames again..
  • This is the one of the best fighting styles for killing Sea Beasts, as all attacks can do damage to it.
  • If you change your fighting style while Devil Flames is active, it will never run out. It doesn't provide any buffs to the fighting style you changed to, though, and is purely visual.
  • When using the Z skill on the edges of the volcano at the Magma Village, the crater created will be purple.


  • Base combo: C + Z + X.
  • Shadow Z + Yama X + ShadowV + Death Step C (Hold) + Death Step Z + Death Death Step X (one shot 99% of the times)
  • Dragon C ( hold )+ Yama X + Death step C ( hold ) + Death step Z + X + Dragon Z ( High Damage Output )
  • Death step C ( Hold ) + Death step Z + Death step X
  • Spikey Trident Z,X + Serpent Bow X + Paw V,X,Z + Death Step C,Z,X


  • When doing a combo with Death Step C, make sure to have a move that always blocks the opponent from turning Observation on mid-Vermillion Drill, as there are good players who can turn on Observation mid-combo and escape, effectively turning your combo against you.
    • You can use Cyborg's V3 ability to avoid this, or alternatively Acidum Rifle's X move is a good example of a move that does this.

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