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Death King.png

As of Update 17, the Death King can only be found in the Haunted Castle in the Third Sea.


Death King is an NPC located at the Haunted Castle. He was added in the 16th Update. This NPC will sell the player a random reward in exchange for 50 Bones. The player can only purchase 10 Random Surprises every 2 hours.

Bones can now only be found at the Haunted Castle, from killing any NPCs there. They are unobtainable anywhere else.


Description Requirement
Resets the player's stat points, similarly to Plokster. The option to stat reset through Bones have been removed since Update 17 150 Bones.

Description Requirement
Allows the player to Reroll their Race, similarly to Norp. The option to Reroll Races through Bones have been removed since Update 17 300 Bones.

Gives you a random item. Costs 50 Bones. Can only be used a maximum of 10 times per 2 hours.

Item Rarity
Beli around 6 to 30k Common
Golden Sunhat Uncommon
Bear Ears
10 Minutes of x2 Exp
Random Blox Fruit(no longer available)
Fire Essence Rare
Hallow Essence


  • This NPC is similar to the Magic Elf.
  • As of Update 17, the Death King no longer sells Race Rerolls or Stat Resets. Additionally, only 10 Random Surprises can be bought every 2 hours.
  • Also as of Update 17, he no longer gives you fruits due to the fact how easy it is to get bones.