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Dark Step

Dark Step is a leg-based fighting style that can be learnt from the Dark Step Teacher at the cost of RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 150,000. It has an upgraded variant named Death Step, obtainable much later in the game.

While this style is equipped, Enhancement appears on the player's legs instead of their arms while activated. This is entirely visual and provides no buffs.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Kicks Combo
The user dashes forward. If the dash makes contact with an enemy, the user will start kicking them, and then launch the enemy backwards.
Mas. 1
X key perfect.png
The user gets on their hands, starts spinning, attacking everything around them. Upon contact with an enemy, the user will deal damage and stun the enemy during the move. The user is unable to move during this.
Mas. 40
C key perfect.png
The user releases a barrage of kicks towards their cursor. The duration of this move will be increased if the key is held down.
Mas. 80
V key perfect.png
Sets the user's leg on fire, increasing Dark Step's damage by 1.25x for around 30 seconds.
  • Activating this move a total of 100 times will change the move to set both of the player's legs on fire.
    • Deals 1.4x more damage instead of 1.25x.
  • 60 second cooldown.
Mas. 150

With Devil
Kicks Combo N/A N/A
Breakdance N/A N/A
Barrage N/A N/A
Devil N/A N/A


  • "Kicks Combo" is easy to hit.
  • Massively high damage with Double Devil (the C move damage is even higher than superhuman C, but this melee is weaker because those other skills are too weak)
  • Good for farming for levels 50-200.
  • If you use "Devil" 100 times you can get "Double Devil".
  • Stunning abilities.
  • Cheap.
  • Can be evolved to Death Step (which is a very good fighting style).
  • "Kicks Combo" allows you to travel further than three dashes.
  • Good combo potential
  • Rather low mastery
  • Really good at getting combos if you land your attacks
  • Break Dance is really good at hitting Venom and Shadow users while they are hitting you with their flight.
  • Easy to grind early game if you have Chop/Logia and an autoclicker.


  • "Breakdance" and "Barrage" leave you wide open and are easy to dodge.
  • "Kicks Combo" has a small range and cannot be aimed upwards.
  • "Kick Combo" is single-target so it isn't good for farming.
  • Moves do not break Observation.
  • All moves are easy to dodge.
  • Bad for PvP, as all the moves have very small hitboxes.
  • Devil has an extremely long cooldown (1 minute).
  • Slowest click speed in ALL the fighting style (Combat is slightly faster)
  • Attacks have very small range.
  • Super Slow in PvP and is not good for Fruit Mains and is recommended to just get Death Step.
  • "Kick Combo" does not work with Human: Buddha "Shift".
  • "Breakdance" will lower your hitbox, which could be problematic, especially when paired with Human: Buddha as it removes the invunerability against some moves e.g. Mythlogical Pirates's Electro X. It could also drown you if you are too close to the sea surface.
  • Z cannot be used to travel upwards unlike most other travel moves.
  • Pairs badly with Human: Buddha, as the click attack is slow and weak and most moves can't hit in Shift form.
  • Hard to grind in late game, due to high Logia requirements and how bad it is with Human: Buddha.
  • This is the lowest damage Fighting Styles excluding combat


Tips And Tricks

  • This is a good Fighting style for beginners. This style could theoretically also be good even until late game, since this has very high damage with Double Devil activated. It doesn't have much knockback either, so it could be very good for grinding.
  • However that, it is suggested that you go after Water Kung Fu or Electro instead, because of the more varied moves.


  • If the user uses Double Devil, and goes into Light flight, the flames will get messed up.
  • If the user uses Double Devil, and then switches to another fighting style, the user's legs will still be on fire without an expiration timer. Hence, it is possible to get both flame legs and flame fists, by activating double Devil and equipping Dragon Talon.This effect only gets removed if you die, or rejoin and is purely cosmetic if you switch to another style.
  • The expiration timer is however restored if you use Devil/Devil Flames again.
  • The damage multiplier is only applied while using Dark Step or Death Step's moves, so you cannot use this to get extra damage on other moves.
  • If you have Dark Step or Death Step equipped, your Enhancement stages will start at your legs, instead of your hands.
  • The C move is similar to Rubber's Rush.
  • This is the first fighting style to have 4 moves instead of 3, the second one being it's successor, Death Step.
  • In the Update 9 rename, Dark Step was almost renamed Fire Feet.
  • In the anime Dark step is called Black leg and was used by Sanji


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