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Dark Dagger is a Legendary sword, added in Update 15. It's often seen as a slightly weaker version of the Dark Blade, however it has around the same damage as the Dark Blade, the only difference being its size, Observation-break, and speed.

The Dark Dagger has a very low click cooldown of approximately 0.25 seconds, that being 0.25 seconds faster than the Dark Blade.


The Dark Dagger can be obtained as a 2-5% drop from the Lv. 5000 Raid Boss, rip_indra. Due to the exclusivity of the boss, not many players have this sword, and even if they do, they often do not use it.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Proficient Impale The user initiates a stance before rushing forward, creating an impact of green electrical-like shock when an entity is hit. If the user holds this move for 1 second or longer, they can break the Observation of the entity. This does 3163 with max sword stats. (10 Seconds cooldown) 150
X key perfection 3.png
Shaming Slash The user shoots a short, green, electrical, glowing dagger. If it touches an entity, the user will teleport behind and slash them. Holding the respective button for 1 second or longer causes the opponent's Observation to break. (15 seconds cooldown) 300

Name GIF
Proficient Impale DarkDaggerZ.gif
Shaming Slash DarkDaggerX.gif
Combo using both
  • performed with X + Z
No cooldown Shaming Slash
  • credits to Lunoven



Tested using Lv. 2200, fullbody Enhancement, Human race, and 2200 stat points in sword.

Attack Damage
Click, normal 2131.3
Click, critical (4th hit) 2334.2
Proficient Impale 3694.2
Shaming Slash Initial projectile does 142, slash does 3978.4

FULL Damage Information Here.

Please note that these are tested against NPCs. It may very on players due to Bounty/Honor PvP buffs, as well as Races.


  • Very good combo potential(May be better than Dark blade as it has slightly higher stun)
  • Low endlag.
  • The player can switch to other weapons during the animation of Shaming Slash.
  • Almost impossible to ken trick.


  • Hard to obtain.
  • Both of Dark Dagger's moves are "single-target"; meaning they can only hit one enemy at a time.
  • Requires aim, skill, and prediction. Shaming Slash is especially hard to hit at medium/long range because of its very tiny hitbox. Proficient Impale has the same issue but in close ranges.
  • Few combos.
  • Chop


  • Currently the smallest sword in the game.
  • This sword does not have a small hitbox on clicks, although it seems like it has, due to it being a small sword.
  • This sword has the same click animation as Dark Blade, except smaller.
  • Dark Dagger is the only sword in-game that when concealed, looks like an accessory.
  • Has a green glow-ish effect when Enhancement is used, a similarity shard with Dark Blade.

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