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Without Enhancement (left) and with Enhancement (right)

The Dark Blade is one of the three Mythical swords in the game, added in Update 1. Dark Blade can be upgraded by doing The Son Quest and has a skin known as the Slayer skin.

  • It's the only sword that requires a Gamepass to obtain.
  • It's also the first sword (the second being Dark Dagger) that allows the user to "hold down" the move key for a split second to change the moves’ mechanics/range. (~0.5s for Z move, ~1s for X move)


This sword can be obtained in five ways.

  1. Purchasing it for Robux.png1200
  2. Being gifted the "Dark Blade" Gamepass by another player.
  3. Being traded the "Dark Blade" Gamepass by another player.
  4. Get the Brazil Cube that can be summoned by rip_indra
  5. Defeating Mihawk. (Upon defeating him there is a small chance you will obtain the sword)


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
One Thousand Slices The user launches an instantaneous barrage of multiple green slashes, dealing high damage to hit enemies and stunning them for a very short period of time.
  • While held: Basically the same move, but the user dashes along with the slashes, and it has a subtly higher hitbox/damage. Also breaks Observation while held.
X key perfection 3.png
Dark Air Slash The user launches a thin, tall, vertical slash of green energy towards their opponent, which deals high damage and has a little bit of knockback.
  • While held: Basically the same move, but it has a higher hitbox, goes slightly further (maybe 20 studs or so) and has faster speed. Will also break Observation if the enemy is close.

While held
One Thousand Slices
Dark Air Slash
No visual difference.


  • Dark Air Slash v1.png
    The X move in V1 has higher stun than its V2 counterpart, also smaller.
  • Dark Blade requires a certain playstyle where the user takes advantage of their opponent's mistakes, such as;
    • When the opponent uses a move that will stun themselves, and the user reacts and hits quickly.
  • In Update 17, Dark Blade's VFX were given a revamp.
  • There exists a triple version of the Dark Blade, named the Triple Dark Blade (honestly isn't all that powerful).



  • Good for PvP.
  • Deals relatively high damage.
  • The X move has a long-range.
  • Z move breaks Observation when held.
  • Z move stuns the enemy (for an approximate duration of 0.75 seconds)
  • Good combo potential.


  • Hard to auto-click with since the 4th click is a dash move. (Except if you use Human: Buddha)
  • Chop
  • Costs ≈$12 to obtain
  • Dark Blade X move (Dark Air Slash) does not break Observation which makes it difficult to hit enemies, so it is recommended for players to use Z move to break their Observation before you use X move.
  • It doesn't have a lot of Combos, and instead depends a lot on reaction time and skills. Although this makes it more fun/varied to play with.
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