Dark Arena


In the middle of the island is an alter. This altar is where you can spawn Darkbeard with the Fist of Darkness (hold out the fist and walk into the altar). When Darkbeard spawns, he will be standing on the altar/

The Dark Arena does not have a spawn NPC, but Darkbeard can be spawned here.

There is a dock located at the front of the island, and close by is a potential spawn point for a fruit.


Dark Arena is located in the Second Sea near the Snow Mountain and Ice Castle. This island is 80% flat.

RobloxScreenShot20210820 104410196 (2).png

Fist Of Darkness altar


Is recommended for the player to set their spawn at the Snow Mountain or Ice Castle. This allows the player to quickly return to the Dark Arena upon death.

Usoap's island and this are often mistaken for each other. This does not have any huts.


The theme of the Dark Arena is "Haunted Halls".

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