Dark Step is a Fighting style that you can buy from Black Leg Teacher for B$150,000 at Pirate Village or at Hot And Cold. It is located in between two buildings on the left side of the island. This Fighting style has a second version, the Death Step, which is a direct upgrade to Dark Step.


Dark Step has 4 moves.

[Z] Mastery 1 [ Kicks Combo ]

The user flings themselves at their cursor and performs multiple hits with low damage, then do a final kick with high damage and knocking back the target. Can only hit one target at a time. If you don't hit the enemy, the user will just dash forward.

[X] Mastery 40 [ Breakdance ]

The user starts spinning and attacks everything around them. Small AoE move. Not aimable.

[C] Mastery 80 [ Barrage ]

The user releases barrage of kicks, that can be used for longer if C is held down, similar to the Rubber's Rush. This move is aimable.

[V] Mastery 150 [ Devil ]

Sets the user's leg on fire and increases Dark Step's damage by 1.25x. As a visual bonus, it turns all their kicks and hits to orange instead of black. Furthermore, if you activate this move 100 times, you can set both of your legs on fire, dealing 1.4x more damage.


- "Kicks Combo" is not hard to hit.

- Good for farming for levels 50-200.

- If you use "Devil" 100 times you can get "Double Devil".

- Stunning abilities.

- 2nd highest damage out of all fighting styles with double Devil (This has been tested).

- Cheap.

- Can be evolved to Death Step (which is a very good fighting style).

- "Kicks Combo" allows you to travel further than three dodges.


- "Breakdance" and "Barrage" leave you wide open.

- "Breakdance" and "Barrage" are easy to dodge.

- "Kicks Combo" has a small range and cannot be aimed up.

- Moves do not break Ken Haki (Obsevation).

- All moves are very easy to dodge.

Tips and Tricks

  • Double Devil - You can set both your legs on fire by using the "Devil" move about 100 times. This will multiply the damage of this fighting style by 1.4x times.
  • This is a good Fighting style to begin with, then I suggest you go after Water Kung Fu or Electro. This is still alright until late game, since this has the 2nd highest damage with double legs on fire, and doesn't have much knock back, so it's very decent in grinding.


-With the new update, Fighting Styles can be changed back for free, if previously bought.


If you use Double Devil on and you go into Light flight, the flames will get messed up.

If you use Double Devil on and you switch to another fighting style, your legs will still be on fire, though this is only cosmetic, it still looks kind of cool. The effect only goes away if you reset your character or rejoin.


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