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Not to be confused with Cyborg (Boss) / Cyborg (MISC).

The Cyborg race is one of two races that can be obtained through a quest. It was added in Update 14, its V3 ability was changed in Update 17, and can be obtained through completion of the Cyborg Puzzle.


To obtain the Cyborg race, the player needs to complete the Cyborg Puzzle, as mentioned above. More info about it can be found on its page.

V2 Obtainment

The Cyborg race can be evolved to its V2 stage by completing the Alchemist's Quest.

V3 Obtainment

The Cyborg race can be evolved to its V3 stage by completing Arowe's quest, which varies depending on the race.

Cyborg's V3 quest is:

  • Give arowe any physical Blox Fruit. Can be from the Treasure Inventory.
    • Make sure you grab the quest every time you join the game, it will reset if you rejoin.


Each stage of the Cyborg race will give buffs and make visual changes to the player's avatar. Each stage buffs carries onto the next (e.g. at V3 you'd get the buffs from V2 and V1 as well).

Stage Buffs Visual changes Image
Version 1 No buffs. Metallic mask on the player's upper left part of their head.
Captura de ecrã 2022-05-21 020010.png
Version 2 10% defense against melee, sword, and gun attacks. 15% of received damage passively converts to Energy. No visual changes.
Captura de ecrã 2022-05-21 020010.png
Version 3 Gives the player an ability called Energy Core. While activated:
  • Boosts the player's defense by 30%.
  • Creates an AoE lightning effect around the player during the ability that does tick damage to enemies within its range. The damage is based on the player's level. It starts at 0 damage, then scales up by 0.65 every 10 levels.
    • Example: Lv. 2,000 = 2000 * 0.65 = 1300, then put the last 0 as a decimal = 130.0 damage/tick.
    • Example 2: Lv. 1,680 = 1680 * 0.65 = 1092, then put the last 2 as a decimal = 109.2 damage/tick.

It lasts 6.5 seconds and has a 30 second cooldown

Gives the player a pair of blue, futuristic glasses.


  • Good defense, especially with Energy Core.
  • Good against teamers.
  • The player will almost always have energy, due to the passive V2 ability.
  • Good for canceling out enemy combos, especially the moves that need to be held (Dough V, Death Step C, etc.).


  • No movement buffs, unlike other races. This can make the user feel slow without an accessory like the Pilot Helmet.
  • While Energy Core is very useful against resisting combos, players have instead made combos that are "Energy Core-proof", breaking the resistance given by Energy Core.
  • This race is very pricey for what it's worth, requiring the player to obtain a fist of darkness(with a 5% chance of core brain) and complete an entire puzzle.


  • Titles:
    • "The Cyborg" will be given upon evolving to V2.
    • "War Machine" will be given upon evolving to V3.
  • If the player equips a different face accessory, such as the Swan Glasses or the Cool Shades, then Cyborg's visual changes will be removed.
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