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Not to be confused with Cyborg (Boss) / Cyborg (MISC).

Cyborg is a Race, added in Update 14 and updated in Update 17 Part 2. It specializes in defense and energy conservation.


Cyborg can be obtained through completing a puzzle involving Order and the Secret Laboratory, the steps to complete the puzzle is below.

  1. Obtain a Fist of Darkness, then click on the button used to start a Order raid in the Secret Laboratory with the Fist in your inventory.
    • It'll give you a message saying "Your <Fist of Darkness> has been processed. Please supply a Core Brain to continue." as a confirmation.
  2. Core Brain can be obtained as a drop from Order, with a 5% chance. Start normal Order raids until you obtain one.
    • The Core Brain can only be dropped if the player has put in a Fist of Darkness before. The player does not need to be the host of the Raid to obtain a Core Brain.
    • This saves over rejoins, meaning you can rejoin and not have to put in another Fist.
  3. Click on the button used to start an Order raid, this time with the Core Brain in your inventory.
  4. A secret staircase will open, allowing the player to purchase the Cyborg race for Fragments.png 2,500.
    • This is permanent, meaning you can switch to another race and not have to do the puzzle again. You will have to pay Fragments.png 2,500 each time you purchase it, though.


Once obtained, each stage of the Cyborg race will give buffs and visual changes.

Stage Buffs Visual changes Image
Version 1 No buffs. Metallic mask on the player's upper left part of their head.
Captura de ecrã 2022-05-21 020010.png
Version 2 10% defense against melee, sword, and gun attacks. 15% of received damage passively converts to Energy. No visual changes.
Captura de ecrã 2022-05-21 020010.png
Version 3 Gives the player an ability called Energy Core. While activated:
  • Boosts the player's defense by 30%.
  • Creates an AoE lightning effect around the player during the ability that does tick damage to enemies within its range. The damage is based on the player's level. It starts at 0 damage, then scales up by 0.65 every 10 levels.
    • Example: Lv. 2,000 = 2000 * 0.65 = 1300, then put the last 0 as a decimal = 130.0 damage/tick.
    • Example 2: Lv. 1,680 = 1680 * 0.65 = 1092, then put the last 2 as a decimal = 109.2 damage/tick.

It lasts 6.5 seconds and deals 34 ticks of damage, also has a 30 second cooldown. Currently at the max level, this ability will deal 5232.5 damage if all ticks hit on an npc.

Gives the player a pair of blue, futuristic glasses.


  • Good defense - second best of all races.
  • Good against teamers.
  • Energy Core is good for surviving combos. The damage reduction allows you to escape many combos without sustaining much damage, as well as damaging your opponent instead
  • Energy Core is really good for keeping opponents at a distance.
  • The player will almost always have energy, due to the passives V2 gives.
  • Useful against sword and gun mains.
  • Good for long fights.
  • Energy Core can be used in combos for extra damage.
  • Good for making combos that contain moves such as Dough V which needs to be held to make it deal more damage weaker, as the V3 ability damages overtime which cancels it.
  • Very good if combined with Phoenix because Cyborg can give a lot of energy to the energy-drain of Phoenix.


  • Doesn't give any transportation buffs, unlike other races.
  • While Energy Core is very useful against resisting combos, players have instead made combos that are "Energy Core-proof", breaking the resistance given by Energy Core.
  • Cyborg V2 doesn't give 10% defense against fruit attacks.


  • If the player glitches into the secret staircase room without putting in a Core Brain, the NPC that gives them Cyborg will say "..." when talked to.
  • Energy core does the highest damage on Boats for some reason.
  • This race is very pricey for what it's worth.
  • Upon obtaining V3, you will obtain two titles: "The Cyborg" and "War Machine".
  • In Update 15, the V3 visual appearance was changed from shoulder armour to blue futuristic glasses.
    • This also makes Cyborg the first race to have changed visual appearance, ever.
  • In Update 17, the Energy Core abilities were changed from:
    • 80% defence increase against any attack.
    • An energy explosion, 2.5 seconds after activation, whose power equals to 7.5% of the player's max health, as well as 40% of the damage taken during the 2.5 seconds.

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