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Cursed Ship is a location added in Update 12. When you're on the ship you will see a black door, touch it and you'll be teleported inside


Cursed Ship is located behind the Graveyard.


In order to enter you have to be at least level 1000.


All of the enemies have a chance to give you 1 ectoplasm, each which can be turned in for the following items:

In addition, there is a Raid Boss, that spawns at the Cursed Ship called the Cursed Captain, a 1325 Boss lvl, he has a chance of 1/3 for spawning at night. He has a small chance of dropping the Hellfire Torch required for the Ghoul Race, he spawns every night with a 1/3 chance. When he spawns the chat will say "A shiver runs down your spine.". After defeating him you get 10 ectoplasm, he is level 1325.


Cursed Ship place.

  • You can go to the Cursed Ship without to farm to lvl 1000, here is the Cursed Ship location. You can use Soru to go in the cursed ship, but there is a kill barrier.
  • There's another way to enter the Cursed Ship without to farm to lvl 1000. You can use Door's C move to teleport to the Cursed Ship although the enemies won't drop any Ectoplasm.
  • (Unconfirmed) Ectoplasm has a higher chance for you to get when you kill the NPC's with Ken Haki.


The theme of the Cursed Ship is Uneasy Decision, which was composed by Roblox.