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Cursed Dual Katana Puzzle

This is a guide page that explains how to solve the puzzle needed to obtain the Cursed Dual Katana. To begin the puzzle, the player must be Lv. 2200+ and have 350+ mastery on both Tushita and Yama. If the player attempts to start a scroll without the required mastery or required level, it will trigger the dialogue: "The inscription is too hard to read..."

If the player wants a look inside the building of the puzzle, flash stepping inside of the building is possible. This will not allow access to start the puzzle, yet will still be able to interact with the scrolls.

If you have both Yama and Tushita, you can unlock the building for the puzzle, but still need the required level and mastery to read the scroll.


Step 1[]

To begin, the player must talk to the Crypt Master, located next to the big stone building on the hill behind the Mansion (Third Sea), which will ask if they want to enter. If the player agrees, the door to the puzzle will open, which is just around the corner of the house.

Step 2[]

Once inside, 2 scrolls can be found. Each of the scrolls has 3 trials which the player will have to complete, with each giving a small hint towards what the puzzle is. The player must be using the same sword corresponding with the scroll name.

The information on each trial can be found below. The player cannot do more than one trial at a time, similar to quests. Each trial gives the player 1 Alucard Fragment.

Pain and Suffering[]

  • To complete this, the player has to take heavy damage (8-10k) from an NPC/Player with the Yama equipped. It may not work the first time, so keep trying.

Haze of Misery[]

  • The player's vision will fog like in Mirage Island or when Rip_Indra spawns, and a purple marking will appear on some groups of NPC. You have to kill every npc that is marked. Note: There can be multiple NPC in a island that can be marked and some islands have NPC that are not marked.
    • Portal is recommended for this, as it provides good mobility.
    • Keep in mind that Ghosts will also have to be killed, so remember to check the Yama room.
    • It is also possible to also ask a friend to help show the way to islands.
    • Make sure you clear each island's mobs before moving on to the next island, just because 1 group of NPC's aren't marked doesn't mean the island's other NPC's aren't marked as well.
    • If you leave or disconnect from the game, progress will not be saved.
    • The purple markings look like this.

Screenshot 2023-11-18 183217

Fear the Reaper[]

  • First, the Soul Reaper must be summoned using a Hallow Essence. Then, the player must let the Soul Reaper kill them, and the player will be teleported to Hell Dimension.
  • The player will be tasked with lighting up 3 torches, and defeating all the NPCs that spawn. Hell's Messenger, a boss using Dark V2 will spawn as well.
  • Once finished, the door will be opened, and the player will be teleported back to the room with the scrolls upon entering it.
    • A dialogue with "The scroll has reacted to your achievements" will appear, and the scroll will burn up when you interact it again.

Docks Legend[]

Sense of Duty[]

  • Kill an enemy NPC from a Pirate Raid at the Castle on the Sea. (Note: You will not receive the Alucard Fragment, until the pirate raid has finished)


  • First, go to the Cake Queen. Upon the first hit, a song will play in the background during two minutes, the player must defeat the Cake Queen before the song ends, and they'll be teleported to Heaven Dimension.
    • Keep in mind, if multiple people are there, the one who lands the final blow will be teleported.
  • The player will be tasked with lighting up 3 torches, and defeating all the enemies that spawn around the torch you light up. Heaven's Guardian, a boss using Light V2 will spawn as well.
  • Once finished, the door will be opened, and the player will be teleported back to the room with the scrolls upon entering it.
    • A dialogue with "The scroll has reacted to your achievements" will appear, and the scroll will burn up when you interact it again.

Step 3[]

  1. Once both scrolls are burnt, the player must go up to the pedestal and use it. The dialogue "The 6 shards of the mythical Alucard Fragment react to each other, forming a new gem." will appear on the player's screen.
  2. The door to the room will close, and a red gem will slowly ascend to the roof, and into the small hole above.
  3. The wall will open, and the Lv. 2025 Cursed Skeleton Boss can be found inside. The boss can only be damaged by Yama or Tushita
    • Note: If the player tries to damage the boss using another damaging weapon/fruit or gun even with Aura on, the Elemental immunity will pop up, if that happens, change to Tushita/Yama to damage the boss.
    • Upon defeat, the boss will drop the Cursed Dual Katana (it doesn't drop immediately, the player has to wait for a few seconds), and the door will open. A few Cursed Skeletons will also spawn. (There is an ongoing glitch where if you kill the Cursed Skeleton Boss, the screen will turn black. You can fix this by rejoining and you will still have the Cursed Dual Katana.)

Fun fact: Defeating the skeleton boss is not required for the sword, just reset/die and the player will respawn with the Cursed Dual Katana.

If you found the following guide too confusing or too much to read or handle, you can watch Axiore's guide below.


  1. The individual tasks on the scrolls do save between servers once they are completed. However, progress within the tasks does not save. For example, if the player only kills half of the NPCS required for Haze of Misery and then leave the game, they will lose that progress when they come back. (Note: This is the same for the Fear the Reaper trial, if you don't accept the quest, dying to the soul reaper won't work.)
  2. Some of the tasks are very time-consuming, so make sure you will be able to complete one if you choose to do so.
  3. It is often a good idea to do the puzzles in a Private Server, as many of the tasks can be made much more difficult if other players decide to attack you while in the middle of one of these tasks.
  4. The Cursed Skeleton NPCs (Not to be confused with the Cursed Skeleton Boss) will only spawn in servers where a person has gotten the CDK in and will not spawn otherwise.
  5. It's not necessary to kill the skeleton boss for getting it, just reset/die while fighting the boss and you will appear with it.

  • For Pain and Suffering, Make sure to have the Yama sword in hand. Hold the Yama and let any enemy hit you until you are low and the Alucard Fragment is obtained.
  • For Haze of Misery, it is highly recommended to have advanced Instinct in order to find NPCs in the fog and to have a good means of traveling, such as the Portal/Light fruit or speed boosting accessories. Portal is especially helpful, as it allows the player to travel to islands much more easily, as navigating between islands in the fog is difficult (If you remember where all of the islands are, use Buddha to speed up the process) or if with the proper requirements said above, the player can use other players marks as a way to travel between islands. Note that the player might have to revisit the same island twice because of a different group of NPC's having the mark. Floating Turtle is a good example, since there are many groups from different Quest Givers. The Mark will also not appear on every island, the player can complete this Trial without visiting one of them.
  • Note*

The Ghosts in the Secret Temple (the room where Yama is obtained) CAN BE be marked. So make sure to check the temple after cleaned a group of NPC's.

Also, sometimes, the purple mark may disappear from a group of enemies after you defeat one of them. If this happens, be sure to move on to the next group of enemies.

  • For Fear the Reaper, to more efficiently grind Hallow Essence, kill Possessed Mummies in order to get the bones for the Death King, and use the " Pray" option on the Gravestone as often as possible, as it has a chance to give Hallow Essence. Getting someone to help will also make this process much quicker. Make sure to have a combat build ready, as the player will need to fight numerous enemies in the Hell Dimension. To go to the Hell Dimension, you have to summon Soul Reaper and die to it. It isn't recommended to use moves that give knockback such as Yama's Z Move.

  • For Docks Legend, use a speed boosting accessory and the Portals to interact with boat sellers more quickly. You can use Portals to reach the docks of Floating Turtle, Hydra Island and the Castle on the Sea, you will also complete this trial. (Make sure to not just buy the boat but select the new option and talk to the npc)
  • For Sense of Duty, try to be in a calmer server and use a build geared towards combat to more easily get a kill. the player only needs to kill one pirate in a pirate raid in order to get credit. Try using a high damage, quick ability such as Godhuman's C to quickly take a kill.
  • For Soulless, unless the player has an extremely highly damaging build (Buddha, Magma, Venom, etc.) it is recommended to get help from other players in order to kill the Cake Queen quickly enough under two minutes. Try to conserve health while fighting her, as they will need to battle more enemies in the Heaven Dimension, although waiting to light the torches will give time to heal and recover.


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