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This item is no longer available.
The Ghost Event is over.

The Cursed Chest was a type of Chest available in Update 21. It can take place of any Chest every 4-6 minutes. Do note that in Update 22, Cursed Chests have been removed, and consequently, the associated enemies have also been removed.


Upon collecting a Cursed Chest, the player can get:


When getting a Cursed Chest, up to 3 enemies will spawn that are near the players level and try to kill the player, and can be one of two different enemies listed below:

After being defeated, the Evil Wraith and Bone Wraith have a chance of dropping:

  • Bones 4-8 Bones (guaranteed)
  • 10 minutes of 2x EXP (rare)
  • Ghost Fruit (extremely rare)


  • The Cursed Chest will spawn even if the chest has not been looted. With this in mind the player has to look for it because it will spawn in random locations.
  • The Money MoneyIcon obtained will depend on which sea the player is in and which type of chest it replaced/would normally be there.
  • The Cursed Chest will spawn in every sea.
  • Only the player who opened the Cursed Chest can damage the Evil Wraiths/Bone Wraiths
  • All Cursed Chests spawn in different locations for every player, which means that there is no way that anybody can help the player find them.

Recommended Locations[]

First Sea[]

Second Sea[]

Third Sea[]


Cursed Chest Inside Silver Chest

An image of the glitch with a silver chest

Cursed Chest Inside Gold Chest

An image of the glitch with a gold chest

  • There is a glitch with the cursed chest, sometimes a Chest will spawn on top of the Cursed Chest.
    • This happens because the Cursed Chest and the original Chest spawns in the same spot, The cursed chest can spawn even if the chest wasn't looted.


  • This chest was added during the Update 21.
  • The enemies that spawn, when defeated, drop a lot of EXP (around 7 thousand per enemy) so when the player first starts out at level one, the player can grind a few of these chests and already be at level 50 to roll fruits from the Blox Fruit Gacha.
    • This method isn't recommended though, as cursed chests only spawn every 4-6 minutes and doing basic quests will take around a minute and give around the same (if not more) amount of EXP than the cursed chest gives.
  • The Ghost Fruit that the player can get from defeating the enemies is good for grinding if the player is new.
  • Players can actually get no enemies to spawn on the cursed chest. (This may be a bug, although this is very rare.)