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Cursed Captain is a level 1325 Raid Boss who uses the Midnight Blade. Cursed Captain despawns when the night ends and has a chance to spawn each night with a 1/3 chance in the Cursed Ship on the second floor in what seems to be a small room with a dining set, in the Second Sea. The following message will be displayed both on chat and on top of your screen:

"A shiver runs down your spine..."


Cursed Captain has a chance to drop the Hellfire Torch (used to buy the Ghoul (race) from Experimic in the kitchen) and 10 Ectoplasm. Cursed Captain also has a chance to drop the Red Spikey Coat and the Blue Spikey Coat each respectively being their counterparts.


Attack No. Attack Description Tip
1 Portal Opening Cursed Captain slashes and opens up a blue portal, sucking in anybody near its range and then after a moment exploding into blue spots which disappear before hitting the ground. Maintain your range and punish the endlag
2 Cresent Dash Cursed Captain dashes forward quickly leaving blue shadows behind, while slashing open a blue portal, sucking in anybody near or caught in it for a moment then disappearing and exploding again into blue spots. Maintain your range and stay out of the explosion


  • Cursed Captain unlike other Raid Bosses, does not reward 3 Levels, instead awards Mastery.
  • Added on Update 12.
  • In newer servers or private servers Cursed Captain often takes 55 minutes to spawn.
  • Despite welding the Midnight Blade. The Cursed Captain does not drop it as it can be bought from El Admin.
  • He is the only Raid Boss to drop two Accessories as of Update 17.2.
  • Note you must be Level 1000 to enter the Cursed Ship


  • Ranged and high damage fruits should be used such as String, Venom, Control, etc.
  • It is advised to keep your distance as falling into the portals is quite easy.
  • Human: Buddha has a high damage output but can be punished due to the hitbox increase.
  • Some fruits such as Rumble are not advised due to some moves being restricted with the roof.
  • You can go behind a wall and spam attacks at him(Dont get too close), X move would not be able to target you.