What Control looks like in Stock

Control is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit It can be bought in the Blox Fruit Dealer for B$3,200,000 or R$2,500, found under Trees, obtained from a Factory raid and can be obtained randomly from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin. It was released in Update 10. The real name of the fruit is Ope-Ope No Mi which was eaten by Trafalgar D. Water Law aka Order in game. If you hold Control Area for 2-3 seconds or more, the area can be bigger (if you’re in the area before, you don't have to hold it). It is advised to have Mink when getting mastery for this fruit because of high mastery for the mobility move. This Fruit has the most mastery needed for a mobility move. This fruit is not recommended for low level people due to it has the highest requirements in skills: 150, 250, and 350. It is tied with Dragon for having the highest mastery requirements for a Blox Fruit.

- Control is also used by the raid boss, Order, who is supposed to be Law.

Difficulty: B-

Here is a control showcase: https://youtu.be/uH9b7SB-_m4

Moveset / Abilities:

Key Name Description Tier Ranking Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Control Area User creates a control room. Holding z will make room bigger as well as higher mastery. This is where all of your moves will work. It lasts for about 35 seconds. While the control area is up, the control icon on your hotbar changes color.
Control when the control room is active.png
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X key perfect.png
Levitate Cuts any object and tosses it at your target. The object will deal more damage based on its size. It has the fastest cooldown in the game (3 seconds). You can only pick up objects inside the room. The AoE of this attack scales with the object being thrown. The largest thing you can levitate is the large section of the bridge to Green Zone, the explosion can sometimes hit people at cafe.
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Cooltext A.png
C key perfect.png
Echo Knife
Slice the air with a blade, if the blade makes contact with your opponent, the enemy will enter a stunned state and the user will then rapidly slice the enemy with a Koko blade (?). The enemy is completely stunned by this move and will be in a stretched-out position. The move then launches the enemy upwards dealing a decent amount of damage. This is a great move to combo with due to the launching up mechanic, it's easy to predict the location of your target after the move ends. Using this move will also place the control user in a very vulnerable state, you can be damaged by other players and NPCs while this move is active. Your opponent's screen will start to fill up with purple lines each time you slice them with Echo Knife.
Screenshot 2021-06-09 094800.png
Cooltext S.png
V key perfect.png
Gamma Rush
Launch forwards a projectile that looks somewhat like a green beam, and if it hits any enemy, they will be unable to move. the room shrinks to a smaller size (maybe the size a little bigger than the Cafe in The New World) and in the room giant green slashes that make stars hit any enemies in this smaller room. the main enemy takes more damage than the other enemies in the room, and the enemies' screen will be covered in green lines. any other enemies besides the main one can move in the room but will also have green lines on their screen. after the move is done, you do a final hard slash to the main enemy, launching them back with green electricity. the other enemies in the room after the move will also be knocked into the air with green electricity, but it looks a little lighter. this move also makes you untouchable by people when used because you become untouchable by them. even when launching to start the move, anything that hits you while doing this will not deal damage. this move is good to use on teamers because of its huge AOE.
Screenshot 2021-06-09 094851.png
Cooltext S+.png
F key.png
Teleports you to anywhere in the control room, but you cannot teleport outside the control area. It is worth noting that if you aim on a player or NPC when using this move you teleport behind them and face them. This makes it easy to land combos. Note( its like Flash Step (Soru) you cannot use it to teleport into mid-air (only if you aim teleport at a player/npc in the air you can teleport to them).
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Tips and Tricks:

  • As soon as your opponent gets shot out of Echo Knife, you can aim up and obliterate them with Gamma Rush.
  • You can hold the move and wait for a few seconds and you can move, go somewhere far from the room, release the move and the room will come to your location and you will start the move.
  • There is a very good combo for PVP (It does moderate dmg, but if you spam it is very OP) the combo is echo knife then superhuman c (you have to aim it perfectly). It is also unescapable.
  • Aim teleport on a person and if you hit them your character will face them upon teleport finishing. You can land an echo knife after the teleport finishes with high accuracy. Does not work mid-air (It’s recommended to do this when your target is stuck in place, like when casting the Dark V or Flame V)
  • Most people will try to attack you when you are putting your room up, if somebody attempts to attack you, stop holding your room and fire a Gamma Rush at them or an Echo Knife, levitate partially works too. You’ll most likely land a hit if you are fast enough.
  • If you hold Gamma Rush for 10+ seconds you can move without using the move, and can leave the room and use the move outside of the room.
  • If you hold the "Room" move while jumping you can stay in the air for a bit, which is cool
  • Gamma Rush DMG scales with mastery(doesn't matter the stats point), switching to other attacks(Fighting Style, Sword, Gun) that have highest Mastery will significantly boost skill total DMG.
  • You can do over 10,000 damage with levitate when spam it and pair it with Zebra Cap / Choppa and ghoul v3.


  • Levitate has the fastest cooldown in the game.
  • Best trolling fruit because of levitating Boats. (you can even lift your own Boat for fun)
  • Long Stuns for Echo Knife and Gamma Rush.
  • Very high combo potential when used with a good hybrid build and Shisui.
  • Extremely useful when fighting raid bosses, due to the stuns of Echo Knife and Gamma Rush.
  • Extreme mobility due to the ability to teleport anywhere in your room.
  • Due to teleport being able to orient your character to face a target, it allows you to land easy combos on sky users or people sitting in the air.
  • While creating a room, you can float for the duration of the skill cast.
  • Echo Knife and Gamma Rush's long cutscene-like animations serves well for teaming up on someone.
  • Echo Knife and Gamma Rush are fantastic for canceling combos of your attacker. During sections in-between attacks you can attempt to use Echo Knife or Gamma Rush. Because most combos are specifically close range you will most likely land a hit. (unless you are stunned for the duration of your opponents combo).
  • Gamma Rush is very good for baiting people. If you predict that somebody is going to stand in place or rush you. (attempt to run to you and start a combo) aim a Gamma Rush at them and it’ll most likely hit.
  • This Fruit is extremely versatile, meaning it is good for fruit users, sword users, and even gun users. This is because of its good stuns and mobility.
  • Gamma Rush gives the user temporary I-Frames (Invincibility), during casting Gamma Rush and Gamma Rush itself, you cannot be attacked, when your room goes down at the end of the attack and your target is blasted away you cannot be attacked until the animation finishes. If you miss Gamma Rush you still gain invincibility during the casting animation.
  • This Fruit is really good for penalizing the errors of your opponent.
  • Control's X, C, and V move all can break Ken Haki.
  • During PVP, gamma rush can be used on an NPC's in the room, and all players in the room will be hit, making gamma rush easily exploitable for PVP
  • Godly for raids, as the AOE is absolutely massive, hitting every NPC's on an island. Levitate is also very, very spammable, especially with Ghoul (race) or Choppa / Zebra Cap.


  • The Teleport ability can only be used on something solid, so you cannot teleport into the air.
  • Echo Knife only deals damage to a single target.
  • Extremely high mastery - not recommended for beginners. Control's mastery is tied with Dragon's as the highest Devil Fruits mastery (350).
  • Can only use attacks inside the room. (if you attempt to bounty hunt with Control, people will most likely just run outside of the room)
  • Making a bigger room leaves you more time being vulnerable.
  • Requires moderately good aim to use.
  • Echo Knife leaves you vulnerable, even if you land it.
  • Gamma Rush is very difficult to hit at a range despite the visual effects the projectile, the easiest way to hit it is close range shots.
  • Not so great for level grinding. (If you intend to grind with Control, use small to medium sized levitations, as this makes the enemies take less knockback only at the cost of a bit of damage)
  • Because you have to get dangerously close to your opponent to use Echo Knife, it’s recommended to use it as a counter.
  • Due to the size of the room, it is nearly impossible to surprise attack.
  • After using Gamma Rush The Room will disappear whether or not you hit it.
  • It is sub-par for Sea Beast hunting, since the only move that will actually hit the Sea Beast is the [X] move, which also is bad because the [X] move required something to throw at the Sea Beast, so unless you have others with Boats that you can throw or you are near land by the Sea Beast, it's possibly the worst Sea Beast hunting fruit.
  • Water, like all fruits, unless the user has the Fishman race upgraded to V2 or V3.


Sharkman Kung Fu Z + Soul Cane Z + Control F + Control X + Sharkman Kung Fu C + Control V.

Superhuman Z + Soul Cane Z + Control X + Control C + Superhuman C (can 1 shot if you're fast).

Personal rating: 8/10

Fruit is really good in pvp, when you have high mastery and level, but not when you have low level and mastery.

This Fruit is extremely versatile, meaning it is good for every main. This is because of its good stuns and mobility, but its bad in farming (kind of good in boss farmings since the short cooldowns and the knockback allows you to dodge attacks).


  • This Fruit is very good for teaming (2v2), especially control V move.

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