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Combat is the first and the starting fighting style that the player gets upon first joining. It's the weakest and most common fighting style in the game, seeing as every player has had it once. But, at the same time, it's also one of the rarest you can find, because almost every player just switches to another fighting style during their play through. Otherwise, for fun people like to keep combat and max it's Mastery for fun.

Even so, it's recommended to just buy another fighting style such as Dark Step. As Combat is generally weak. Although keep in mind, if switched to another fighting style, there is no way to obtain it again as there is no Fighting style trainer that can re-teach it.


Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png Quick Tackle The user dashes forwards, doing damage and slight knockback to enemies they come in contact with. 1
X key perfection 3.png Ground Smash The user smashes into the ground, doing damage and slight knockback to close-by enemies. 20

Quick Tackle CombatZ.gif
Ground Smash CombatX.gif


  • This is the only fighting style that only has 2 moves.
  • This is the only fighting style without an icon.
  • Fast hit speed(compared to the other V1 fighting styles)
  • The rarest fighting style out of all the fighting styles

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