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For the Second Sea Colosseum, see Colosseum (Second Sea).

Colosseum is an island for people who are Level 250 and grind until level 300 to proceed to Magma Village. It has a giant Colosseum with a walkway to the port and quest area, where the Colosseum Quest Giver is. The island itself is fairly small.

The island consists of 2 quests, the first one (250 level) has you kill 7 Toga Warriors for 1,100,000exp and RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png7,000 while the second quest (level 275) makes you kill 8 Gladiators for 1,300,000 Exp and RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png7,500. Both of the enemy NPC's are the same level as their quests (250 and 275).

You can kill any npc here by luring it to below an elevated platform like a rock or the ramp and shoot it until it’s dead. It’s efficient and easy to do.

Chest Locations

  • The first chest is on one of the posts nearest to the dock on the island.
  • The second chest is in the very top-right open thermal window (open oval-ish window). It is on the wall closest to the dock.
  • The last chest is in the middle row and third column open thermal window. It is on the wall closest to the dock.


  • Fruits can spawn under all Trees, but can't spawn in the middle of the arena.
  • This Island is also where some PVP matches take place. This is not to be confused with the Colosseum (New World) though it serves practically the same purpose.
  • The theme of the Colosseum is Into the Arena, which was composed by Roblox.

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