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Chop is a Paramecia (natural)-type Blox Fruit that costs $30,000 or 100R$ in the shop. It can also be obtained by random chance from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin.

Its Japanese (anime) name is Bara Bara no Mi, and it is used by Buggy in the manga/anime.

Chop users cannot be harmed by Swords, even with Buso Haki, although you can still be damaged by the Light sword and Ice sword even with Buso Haki off or on. This is because they both count as an Elemental sword, which basically means they are the same as a normal Blox Fruit attack. The damage is also very underrated.

This fruit also bears a small resemblance to Dark, so don't get the two confused.
Here is a Chop showcase:

This fruit is used by Bobby on Pirate Village, make sure to use anything other than a sword when going up against him.

This fruit is also good for early game grinding, as early NPCs like pirates and brutes use swords.


Name Description
Chop You are immune to all Sword attacks from players and NPCs (if you are higher level than the NPC), but not bosses.

Key Name Description Tier Rank Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Separates the player's arm to punch forward and deal a low amount of damage.
Cooltext C.png
1 mastery
X key perfect.png
Separates the player's entire body for an attack that deals chip damage and stuns all enemies in a spherical radius around the player.
Cooltext C.png
20 mastery
C key perfect.png
Separates both arms to grab a single opponent and drill them into the ground. This move stuns enemies for around 2 seconds.
Cooltext C.png
50 mastery

Arm Punch: 1st Skill.



  • Immunity to all Swords including attacks from all players and NPC's as long as the user is 105% - 106% of the NPC's level, similar to Logia effects.
  • Cheap and decent for an early Logia place-holder
  • Can easily defeat a sword user if you use Chop as a sword/gun user.
  • Good for fighting sword mains, since, of course, they can't damage you.
  • Decent for grinding NPCs that use swords.
  • Epic for trolling.
  • The X and C move stun, which makes it decent for combos.
  • Good for Gun or sword mains.


  • Attacks are very weak
  • Most people have better fruits, leading you to a disadvantage
  • The player with Chop can be killed with a fruit
  • Bad for PVP (Not if the person is using a sword, since you will be immune)
  • Bad range
  • Terrible damage
  • Water as all the fruits. (unless you have Fishman V2/V3)


Chop Z + Chop C + Chop X, easy combo that does decent damage. While Z is having the knockback you can use C to drag back and does another damage. Then use X to crash your opponents.

Electric C + Chop C + Chop X + Chop Z + Electric X + Electric Z, harder, a good stun chain, very good damage. You need a high precise in order to use this combo.

Dark step Z + Chop C + Dark step X + Chop X + Chop Z, this is more ground-typed. Particularly strong with a good starter Z move at the start of the combo and V move on for dark step. If you delete the two starter moves. It's a great combo for farming.

Combos made by PhilipsL3, if you have any questions you can message me.