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Chests are props that are scattered throughout every island within Blox Fruits. They can be interacted with by the player by physically touching the Chest, (jumping on it, walking) and collecting its Beli amount. Chests come in three different types, each being more valuable than the other. Treasure Chests have certain respawn times after being picked up, and will respawn quickly or slowly depending on their rarity. They WILL respawn if a player is standing where the chest reappears. This makes auto farming by standing where the chest respawns very easy. Chest do not increase XP. Many chest cheats are patched due to chest gathering speed and bans within first few mins. Chests are a slow beli farm depending on your World/Sea/Location.

These three tiers are:

Silver Chest

The most common Chest in the old world, new world and third sea (old world is more common) these Chest only give you around 250-400 Beli in Old World, 500-900 in New World, and 900 - 1600 in Third Sea. They are brown wooden chests with a gray silver lining and silver chain. They respawn after around 3 minutes.

Golden Chest

Golden Chest are less common in the Old World, New World and Third Sea. They give you around 500 - 1000 Beli in Old World, 2300 - 2800 in New World, and 4600 - 5200 in Third Sea. They are also brown wooden chests but this time with a golden lining and golden chain. These actually have pretty quick respawn times. They respawn around 6 minutes after being used (collected).

Diamond Chest

Diamond Chest is a legendary Chest, only a few is in the old world, and at least 1 from each map in New World (excluding Dressrosa because there is 3 diamond chests there.) and Third Sea. They give you around 1500-2000 Beli in Old world, 6000 - 7000 in New World, and a whopping 10000 - 12000 in Third Sea. They look like a brown wooden chest with light blue metal around it. They have very long respawn times, 5-10 minutes to respawn and are all hidden amongst crates and boxes. In the new world they are more common and give around 2000-7000 Beli.

New World

If you travel to the new world, the chests all give you more Beli. In the old world, the chests give you a maximum amount of about 2000 B$, while as in the new world, the maximum amount of money you can gain from a single chest is near 8000 B$. The amount of B$ increases from chests in New World. Diamond chests and Golden chests are more common in the New World, and Silver chests are less common than their Old World counterparts.

Other Utilities

The quest to acquire Mink V3 requires collecting 30 chests.

(Only in the Second Sea) You can get a Fist of Darkness from a chest. It spawns in one every 4 hours and can be used to spawn the Blackbeard Raid Boss at the Dark Arena.

There is also a chest that can be used to obtain the sword Rengoku but in order to open it, you need to have a Hidden Key.

(Only in Third Sea) You can obtain God's Chalice by finding it in chests per 4 hours or by killing the Elite Pirates. The drop chance of getting it is 5-10% and with 2x drop chance is 15-20%.