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The Castle on the Sea is an island/castle that was introduced in Update 15.

The entrance to this castle is either entering from one of the docks located on one of the two sides of the castle or by the portal.



Pirates Raid

Every 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 Minutes), a message will appear on the top of the screen and in the chat saying "Pirates have been spotted approaching the castle!" Around 20 seconds later, another message will appear "The pirates are raiding Castle on the sea!"

A ton of pirates from the Second Sea will start spawning. A tanky enemy will spawn as the final enemy, and has more HP than the other pirates, hence the name. Whoever deals the final blow to it will get a fruit, and at the top of the screen it will say "You got a random Blox Fruit for dealing the final blow!" After every pirate is defeated, it will say in the chat and on the top of everyone's screen who defeated 1 pirate "Great job! whoever defeated at least 1 pirate has been rewarded a few Fragments." It will then give you 100 Fragments if you defeated at least one pirate.

If you fail to defeat them all in time, you won't get anything and a message will appear on the top of everyone's screen, saying "The pirates have stopped raiding," and you will have to wait another hour and 15 minutes for the next pirate raid to happen. (When they stop raiding, all the NPC's will de-spawn.)

Tip: After 3 pirate raids, put a timer on for 15 minutes. Then you know a chalice is in a chest.

Battle of the Gods

In order to begin "Battle of the Gods", you must:

  1. Active the three haki buttons. The three Buttons can be found on the island, and they can be activated by stepping on them. These buttons can be identified by looking at the button's lower base, colored with their respective Enhancement color. The colors are Winter Sky, Pure Red and Snow White. Your Enhancement does not need to be active for the buttons to work, but you still need to have the respective Enhancement color equipped. It's recommended that you use the Light fruit, Door fruit, or get 2 other people with the appropriate colors to each step on one button to minimize the amount of time spent travelling to switch haki colors.
  2. Talk to the Elite Hunter and take a quest from him to defeat an Elite Boss. who has a chance to drop a God's Chalice. You can also find the Chalice in a random chest every so often, like the Fist of Darkness. The Chalice will spawn in a random chest every 4 hours.
  3. Return to the Castle on the Sea, and enter the building behind the Elite Hunter, find the pedestal, and put the Chalice there. The Raid Boss, Rip_indra will spawn, and the entire map will become foggy. This will also change the text from "Castle on the Sea" to "Battle of the Gods" when approaching the island.
Buttons Location


There is also a place to do normal raids in the Third Sea and can be found here. Just like the Second Sea, the Mysterious Scientist is also here for you to buy/trade microchips.

Third Sea raid zone


There is a stone statue behind the castle. If you look closely, it is mygame43 (owner of Blox Fruits). After the battle with rip_Indra ( the cutscene before going to third sea for the first time), he got trapped in the stone statue (or his "mental prison"). Currently, this serves no known purpose.

Master Of Enhancement Location

Master Of Enhancement location

The Master Of Enhancement spawns on the stairs leading to Tacomura.


Inside the sub-castle of this island, head to the room on the further left with the melee sellers from the previous seas, then go to the end of the room. There are 2 portals. The left portal will teleport you to the portal in the mansion in Floating Turtle, and the right will teleport you to the portal in the Hydra island, located at the far left of the palace.

In order to access these 2 portals, you must defeat the raid boss rip_indra, which will grant you access to the portals along with some other drops.